7 hidden wonders of Western Australia

Including a pink lake (yes, pink!).

If you’re setting your sights on Western Australia, why not veer off the beaten track and experience the very best it has to offer? The west is known for its dramatic landscapes of red earth and crystal blue waters. The hinterland is marked by its plethora of hidden waterfalls, swimming holes and breathtaking, unpolluted night skies. Since we already let you in on the best places to brunch and where to get the best juices, we thought we’d explore this vast land a little more to show you it’s hidden gems.

7 of Western Australia’s little-known gems

See a sunrise at Lake Ballard

Lake Ballard, Western Australia, explore WA, salt lake
Image via www.cjhawkins.net

Lake Ballard is an ephemeral salt lake that’s around 50km west of Menzies, a place far removed from the routines of normal life. Lake Ballard is like no other in Australia. The lake serves as an open-air gallery showcasing sculptures. Antony Gormley is the artist behind these life-like figures that are strewn across the lake, standing in the blazing heat. Check it out at sunrise for the orange hues and dramatic landscape. 

Explore Esperance

Esperance, Western Australia, explore WA, beach
Image via iStock

The picturesque coastal town of Esperance hosts one of Australia’s most beautiful, white sand beaches. Crystal clear waters and roaming kangaroos are abundant along this breathtaking coast. You’ll want to spend a couple of days exploring the beaches, nature walks and hills around this superb coastline, before making a stop at one of Australia’s pink lakes (yes, pink!).

See Port Gregory Pink Lake

Port Gregory Pink Lake, Western Australia, WA
Image via Gary Pepper Girl

Speaking of pink lakes, one of the most impressive natural phenomena in WA is in Port Gregory, at the mouth of the Hutt River on the Mid-West coast. Due to the presence of a specific type of algae and bacteria, the lake takes on a rose coloured hue. Depending on the time of day and season, the lake can go from red to bubblegum pink or lilac purple. A must see for any Insta-worthy shot!

Visit Wave Rock

Western Australia, Wave Rock, explore Wa
Image via iStock

Forget Uluru. Western Australia has it’s own rock to be proud of. Wave Rock is a natural rock formation set in the Golden Outback. Standing 15 metres high and 110 metres long, the granite cliff is shaped like a wave. Other interesting rock formations include the Hippo’s Yawn, Mulka’s Cave and the Humps. A must for any geology enthusiast!

Stargaze at The Pinnacles

The Pinnacles, Western Australia, outback, sunset
Image via iStock

Set your eyes on the Milky Way in the middle of an unpolluted, barren landscape. The Pinnacles is rendered one of the best spots to see a plethora of stars across the sky. Just three hours north of Perth, The Pinnacles is located in Nambung National Park, where photographers capture the milky way in all its glory.

Snorkel Turquoise Bay and Ningaloo Reef

Ningaloo Reef, whale shark, snorkel, Western Australia
Image via iStock

They say the town of Exmouth on the northern tip of the west coast harbours the most pristine waters and abundance of coral life, rivaling The Great Barrier Reef. Spend the afternoon relaxing in crystal clear waters, a few meters off the Ningaloo Reef. Or if you’re feeling particularly adventurous, go for a guided snorkel with gentle giants known as whale sharks. An unforgettable experience!

Swim at Emma Gorge Waterfall

Emma Gorge Waterfall, western Australia
Image via Australian Travelle

Wander through ancient landscapes and untamed wilderness in the heart of The Kimberly. The waterfall at Emma Gorge is majestic, to say the least, and the crystal clear waters will summon you to take a dip.

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