The ultimate guide to brunching in Perth

After all, a good breakfast can make or break your weekend.

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Australian’s take their brunch very seriously, and for good reason! As the most important part of the day (or post-Saturday night recovery), a good breakfast can make or break your Sunday. So before Monday rolls around yet again, we’ve rounded up the best brunch hotspot in Perth for you to try this weekend. We have to warn you, though, some of these brekkie options are so delectable, it has Sydney-siders almost wondering if #west (really) is best?

7 brunch hotspots to try in Perth

 Pearth Organic Kitchen 

ACAI | curing all acai cravings till 3.30pm 🙌🏼 See you soon Pearthlings

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How can you go wrong with super smoothies in coconut shaped bowls? Reminiscent of a tropical holiday, Pearth Organic Kitchen is every health foodie’s dream. Vegan and vegetarian-friendly, you won’t want to miss out on one of their Instagram-worthy bowls.

Kava Cafe

Can we please take a moment to appreciate that this Bicton cafe has matcha pancakes and red velvet pancakes. Their brunch menu, although small, has a wide range of options, including the “Bagels With Attitude” and the “Kava Breakkie”. We fully approve.

Nature’s Harvest 

The whole foods market-cum-cafe is a whirlwind of healthy choices. From their super smoothie bowls to their Harvest Breakfast (poached eggs, organic quinoa linseed toast, mushrooms, spinach, grilled tomato, avocado with gluten free and multiseed paleo options)  – or better yet their endless salad menu, you’ll be sure to find something to tantalize your tastebuds.

The Little Bird Cafe

The Little Bird Cafe serves an impressive avo on toast and gets super creative when it comes to flowers and cake. Reviews have been nothing but “yum, yum yum”! By the look of everyone’s Instagram snaps, we can see why.

The Wolf The Bean The Walnut 

We previously mentioned this breakie spot as the go-to for juices and smoothies in WA. It’s also a great brunch place that caters to all healthy eaters, including vegan, vegetarian, and paleo. With a whimsical approach to life and the finer things (a.k.a delicious food and smoothies), The Wolf The Bean The Walnut certainly know how to make your Sunday morning just right.

Mason & Bird

This beautifully designed cafe in Kalumanda has an open air seating plan along with a mouthwatering menu to boot. Their brunch goodies have all your inner child favourites like homemade cocoa puffs, savory gourmet waffles, and avo with charred corn salsa. And after seeing their burgers, you definitely won’t want to miss out.

 Flora & Fauna Cafe 

This vegan vegetarian hotspot is an Instagram-worthy take on edible art. The tiny brunch cafe takes flowers and food to the next level with their delicious creations. The raw parfait is one of the most popular items on the menu and their dishes are beautifully crafted and served. You’ll almost not want to touch your plate for fear of messing it up (we totally recommend you take a bite after your Instagram shots though).[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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