We've found the best juice bars in every state

No matter where you go, a juice bar is always near.

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Australians are known for their active lifestyles and healthy habits. Much like the kickboxing yogi who sips her green juice on the way to the farmer’s market, when it comes to healthy hotspots, Aussies know where to find the greens. The good greens that is, in the form of juice bars across the country. No one can contest to the (super)power of a good green juice. After all, L.A even serves it as ice cream now. 
We’ve shared our love for pressed juices and juice bars, in locations near and afarbut somehow we feel we should spread the love across Australia, and let you in on the best kept secrets around the country. 
In case you’re planning your next road trip, be sure to include all of these juice bars as a healthy pit stop.

The best juices bars in every state

New South Wales: Naked Treaties 

Where: Byron Bay
You can’t pass through this infamous beachside town without stopping at Naked Treaties. A must for any health conscious foodie – think raw, paleo, vegan and the most nutritious, vitamin packed juices you could image. 

Queensland: Pineapple Express

Where: Brisbane
This super food cafe is a sun filled, healthy hotspot for dog lovers and health enthusiasts alike. Aside from the cuteness overload of puppies that frequently visit and feature on their Instagram, their delicious breakfast options are very noteworthy. With turmeric and lemon protein pancakes, Acai Bowls and every rainbow coloured latte under the sun, it’s safe to say their juices are out of this world. Experiment with names like  Hipsters’ Fix (Kale, apple, beetroot, carrot) or their famous Ginger Ninja (Carrot, ginger, apple, celery, lemon).

Northern Territory: Love Thy Juice 

Where: Darwin
If you ever find yourself in the Northern Territory, seek some shade from the blazing heat and grab a cold refreshment at Darwin’s Love Thy Juice. Their juices are cold pressed every day, bottled up fresh and ready to go. Go crazy and love thy juice for all it’s delectable concoctions such as the Super Greens (All Organic Cucumber, Green Apple, Mint, Lime, Broccoli, Spinach, Kale, Coconut Water, Ginger) or the mint melon splash (All Organic Watermelon, Apples, Mint, Limes), which is perfect for a hot summer’s day. 

ACT: Autolyse Juice Bar

Where: Canberra
As a new addition to Canberra’s favourite bakery, Autolyse has branched out to a juice bar, three doors down from their signature cafe in Braddon. Fruit stands and farmer’s market unite around this little hub to create a colourful, veggie filled community of juice drinkers. We totally approve.

Victoria: Green Press 

Cold Pressed Juice Collection

A photo posted by Green Press (@greenpress.co) on

Where: Melbourne
Melbourne is the hub of all things cafes and bars in Australia, and although there are many other towns in the state of Victoria, you can’t argue that your coffee and juice fixes will most definitely be fulfilled when in Melbourne. Green Press is a one-stop-juice-shop that is dedicated entirely to making juices. Walk into a bar and you’ll be overwhelmed with the array of bottled goodness surrounding you. The hardest part will be to pick which one you’ll want to drink first. 

South Australia: Nutrition Republic

Where: Adelaide
How can you go wrong with a name like Nutrition Republic ? Not a juice bar per se, but this superfood powerhouse could not go unmentioned due to their elixir, boosters and tonic shots you can add to smoothies and coconut water blends. Particularly noteworthy is there selection of green superfood smoothies worthy of the most enlightened yogis. A must-try when in Adelaide.

Western Australia: The Wolf The Bean The Walnut  

GET YO JUICE ON!! 🍊🍋🍐🍏 Come grab one of our FRESH & TASTY juices!! Add some extra lemon or ginger to fight off the winter colds 👊🏻👊🏻
A photo posted by The Wolf The Bean The Walnut (@thewolfthebeanthewalnut) on

Where: Perth
Don’t let the name fool you, when it comes down to juices, these guys take their health seriously. The fun loving cafe has a myriad of healthy options, ranging from everything from raw, vegan friendly, paleo friendly and gluten free. Not to mention, an impressive selection of juices and smoothies.

Tasmania: Tasmanian Juice Press 

Where: Hobart
This new addition to the Hobart health scene has a no-nonsense approach to their juices. The cafe-cum-juice bar has a quirky appeal and a casual setting perfect for an afternoon people watching at one of their sun-drenched window seats.

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