This spa retreat has a chocolate scrub treatment!

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In need of a quick getaway but don’t have the time to leave the country? One Wybelenna is Brisbane’s newest retreat, and it is sure to be your new go-to day spa. Think chocolate scrubs and organic essential oils. We’ve got the down-low on what to expect at this urban oasis.

Introducing: One Wybelenna

One wybelenna luxury day spa
Image: One Wybelenna Facebook Page

The beautifully designed retreat was once the home of yoga instructor and wellness advocate, Heather Sartain. Now, it’s a decadent day spa.
It has a blissful calmness to it as soon as you walk through the doors, with Queensland’s sub-tropical climate offering the perfect setting for a tranquil getaway that’s only 13 kilometres from the CBD. The tallowwood timber and slate features of the retreat are reminiscent of old Hollywood glamour; the striking bluestone walls and luscious gardens give it a rustic, tropical charm.
Day Spa, Queensland
There is much to do at this luxury spa. Or not do, if that’s what you’re there for. The peaceful surroundings offer guests a chance to escape the everyday life as it boasts a selection of holistic treatments and massages that cater to all of your needs.
The team of highly qualified beauty practitioners and therapists will guide you through a rejuvenating treatment of your choice. Whether it’s hydration, sensitivity, purifying or anti-aging, a custom facial will be created, tailored to your skin. Their signature rituals have names like “Deluxe Chocolate Scrub”, “Golden Majestic Body Treatment” and “Crystal and Pearl Elixir”. The deluxe chocolate scrub with Ancient Thai Pinda Balance is a combination of skin rejuvenation, massage, and exfoliation. Your body will be scrubbed and soothed with scented chocolate, and warmed mitts will then remove every grain on your body, followed by body balancing Thai Pindas.
Every description is as lavish as the next, thanks to the use of Germaine de Cappuccini cosmetics and the Subtle Energies range of Ayurveda aromatherapy products.
We know what you’re thinking; it’s simply overwhelming just thinking about how exotic and lavish it all sounds. Whether you’re flying solo, on a couple’s retreat or with your gals for a hen’s party, there are endless options to enjoy a (well deserved, in our opinion) blissful moment of self-indulgence.
One Wybelenna is wellness and luxury at it’s very best, combining the mix of organic essential oils, expert therapists and the feeling of being on a mini-holiday, a thousand miles away from reality.
one wybelenna outdoor luxury spa
Image: One Wybelenna Facebook Page

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