6 Sultry Winter Fragrances That'll Have You Turning Heads For All The Right Reasons

The bottles are gorgeous, too!

winter fragrances

When wintertime rolls around, the chilly temperatures and overall lack of dazzle that summer seems to offer can mean staying in has a certain appeal; we’ve all fallen victim to the siren call of the couch, even when we have plans.
But sometimes, whether it’s an engagement we can’t skip or the appeal of getting out overrides the desire to indulge in another Netflix binge, a sultry, divinely deep winter fragrance can elevate both mood and appeal. Below, our favourite cold-weather scents to envelope, entice and add a generous dose of allure.

Grandiflora Boronia

winter fragrance
There can be a place for florals in a winter fragrance, and internationally acclaimed florist and author Saskia Havekes encapsulates the perfect blend with her latest addition to her fragrance collection, Grandiflora Boronia. With warming, delectable notes of cognac, black tea, tobacco, suede, caramel, warm resins and dry woods, the Australian Boronia flower is at the heart of this rich, luscious perfume.

Jo Malone Jasmine Sambac & Marigold Cologne Intense

jo malone
For a brighter yet still super sultry floral fragrance, Jo Malone’s new Jasmine Sambac & Marigold Cologne Intense combines the uniquely aromatic and bright marigold with jasmine sambac, which is the “the queen of all jasmine”, according to Céline Roux, Head of Fragrance Development at Jo Malone. Notes of rich benzoin resin, vanilla and amber anchor this vibrant and inviting scent.

Ellis Brooklyn Myth

winter fragrances
Also featuring notes of jasmine, Ellis Brooklyn Myth expertly blends the delicate flower’s scent with mysterious and sophisticated musk for an entirely warm and captivating fragrance. Possessing a unique second-skin quality, this alluring perfume will become all your own while drawing others in at once.

Tom Ford Jasmine Rouge

tom ford
Alternatively, Tom Ford’s jasmine rendition, Tom Ford Jasmine Rouge, is dramatic, sweeping and supremely enticing. Housed in a luxurious deep ruby and gold bottle, the juice is as glamorously captivating as its flacon; Sambac Jasmine Sepals Absolute, an ingredient never used before in perfumery, decadently blends with Indian ginger, cinnamon, and cardamom for a hit of exoticism, while neroli and ylang-ylang lend a lively blend of lightness.

Maison Margiela Jazz Club

If there’s ever a time to dip into the world of men’s fragrance, winter is the season to experiment. Offering a balanced blend of sweet and sultry, Maison Margiela Jazz Club evokes the sense of sinking into a deep and comfortable leather armchair with a classic cocktail in hand thanks to notes of vanilla, tonka bean, tobacco leaf, pink pepper and lemon.

La Perla La Mia Perla

la perla
On the other hand, for an entirely, exceptionally feminine scent, La Perla La Mia Perla offers an unapologetically sophisticated scent that celebrates the pleasure of femininity. The innovative solariental fragrance encapsulates the self-confidence and sensuality brought on by wearing exquisite lingerie (not unlike La Perla pieces) and features a completely unique note structure that is round rather than composed in a typical pyramid. A hypnotic blend of orris, mandarin, white pepper, sandalwood, suede and ambroxan softly seduce, even on the chilliest of winter evenings.

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