5 Ways To Stop Body Odour When Wearing Natural Deodorant

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I’ve recently made the transition to natural deodorant. Although the initial thought of swapping to a natural product literally made me sweat, it’s a life-changing decision I was willing to make and  I would now not look back. 
My biggest fear however, and a fear many people experience when deciding to take the all-natural plunge is… what if I smell? And whilst it’s a logical thought to have, have you ever considered an unpleasant odour to be the result of other everyday lifestyle choices?
Here are 5 ways to stop odour when wearing natural deodorant:

1. Detox Your Armpits

From juice cleanses to digestive tea, we live in a world that’s obsessed with detoxing. In case you missed it, there is such a thing as detoxing your armpits! There are many products on the market that assist with moving from mainstream deodorants to natural alternatives, like Detox-A-Pit, which restores your armpit pH levels and removes toxins and impurities. However, there are arguments that suggest sweating is the best form of detox you can do. In the first 7 days of my transition, I opted for a small amount of coconut oil under the armpit to help with absorption. Just don’t put on a satin shirt immediately after you apply coconut oil, I learned the hard way!

2. Switch To Natural Fabrics

It’s funny how we’re quick to blame natural deodorant as a consequence of bad odour, when in fact, it’s small choices we make everyday that can contribute to unpleasant smell. In fact, synthetic clothing is a major contributor to the production of bacteria, which, when mixed with sweat can cause B.O. Making the switch to natural fabrics like cotton, linen or wool allows your skin to breathe. Give rayon and polyester a miss.

3. Alcohol

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If you’ve ever woken up after a big night, and the smell of alcohol lingers in your room, you’re not alone. As alcohol is broken down in the body, it excretes from the pores resulting in bad body odour. What’s the solution, you ask? At Amodrn, we’re all about balance (who doesn’t love a glass of rosé on a Friday?!), but we are firm believers in moderation. Better yet, why not try these non-alcoholic spirits that rival your old-school faves!

4. Diet

You might already be aware that certain foods can emit a pungent smell—soz garlic, we do love you, but we have to name and shame you here. However, research has found that volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are found in some other foods and can produce foul-smelling compounds. Foods that contain VOCs include red meat, cruciferous veggies (including broccoli, cauliflower and Brussel sprouts) and spicy food. 

5. Opt For All-Natural Body Products That Don’t Clog Pores

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If you’re going all-natural for your pits, you may as well go the full mile with all of your skincare products. Consider shower gel for example, if it has ingredients you can’t even pronounce, you might want to re-think applying it on your underarms! The same goes for your body moisturiser, and anything else you’re putting on your skin. Trust me, you’ll never go back.
So the next time you want to blame natural deodorant, try making these small changes instead—don’t sweat it.

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