3 Non-Alcoholic Spirits That Rival Your Old-School Faves

Bold, not boozy.

Alcohol Killing Your Vibe? Here Are 3 Non-Alcoholic Spirits That Rival Your Old-School Faves

Skipping on sipping lately? You’re not alone. As reported by Forbes last year, more and more millennials are choosing not to drink alcohol and turning toward non-alcoholic spirits in the name of wellness. As a generation, we’re trending towards increased prioritization of personal development and professional growth over the probable trainwreck that follows a night of downing drinks.
In addition to the classic symptoms of pounding headaches, nagging nausea, and decreased willpower to resist unhealthy cravings, post-drinking side effects can also wreck havoc on sleep, skin and mood. Add in hang-xiety, and it’s no wonder many are taking a break from the booze.
Fortunately, there are a few new and improved ways to enjoy a glass of the good stuff, minus the heavy alcohol content and repercussions. Non-alcoholic spirits and consciously crafted cocktails are on the rise as an A+ alternative for the health-conscious crew.
For those that want to sip socially – and soberly – there’s no need to give your booze buddies or the bottle the boot. Below, we’re sharing three unique non-alcoholic spirits that offer flavorful solutions to imbibe without regret.


Alcohol Killing Your Vibe? Here Are 3 Non-Alcoholic Spirits That Rival Your Old-School Faves
So long, lime and soda and otherwise sugary, carbonated drinks. Solving the dilemma of what to drink when you’re not drinking, SeedLip is on a mission to change the way the world drinks with the highest quality non-alcoholic distilled options. Our flavor favorite is the Garden 108 – a floral blend of hand-picked peas and homegrown hay (yes, really) with traditional garden herb distillates in celebration of the English countryside. Serve simply over ice and tonic (garnished with a sugar snap pea for the full fancified effect) or go bad and boochy with it: top with kombucha and a fresh rosemary sprig for a refreshing Rosemary Booch.
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Curious Elixirs

Alcohol Killing Your Vibe? Here Are 3 Non-Alcoholic Spirits That Rival Your Old-School Faves
Shaken, not slurred. Curious Elixirs concocts complex booze-free cocktails, handmade with real food (what a concept!). The non-alcoholic mixed drinks are unusually delicious, well-crafted, and good for both body and soul. Each and every elixir taps into powerful plant properties – from an ancient botanical that increases serotonin and dopamine precursors to another that improves circulation and was used in Mayan culture to boost, ahem, sexual appetite.
Loving medicinal mushrooms lately? Curious No. 3 is a floraly cucumber lemon inspired by modern cocktail classics like a Lavender Bee’s Knees or a Cucumber Collins, boosted with the power of ashwaganda, a plant used in Ayurvedic practice for over 5000 years to reduce stress, inflammation, boost memory and lower blood sugar. (Spicy pineapple marg lovers may also want to reach for the Curious No. 2!).
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Kin Social Tonic

Alcohol Killing Your Vibe? Here Are 3 Non-Alcoholic Spirits That Rival Your Old-School Faves
Kin believes in a night where social isn’t sinful and self-care doesn’t stop at sunset. Crafted from a mix of ancient remedy and modern alchemy, the tonics offer all bliss – no booze – by balancing adaptogens, nourishing nootropics, and replenishing botanics that work in harmony to uplift mood, enhance perception, and deepen sense of connection. Think open mind, calm body, and connected spirit — without the hangover. A bottle of the signature Kin High Rhode offers twelve servings, which we enjoy best served with friends Essential Pour style: an elevated take on vodka soda, extra lime.
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