This Easy Hack Turns Any Workout Into A Detoxifying Sweat Sesh

It stimulates lymphatic drainage!

One of the body-loving benefits of a tough workout class (besides the feel-good endorphins) is the detoxifying benefits you get from getting a good sweat. But what if there was a 2-minute hack you could add into your routine to make your sweat session even more effective at getting rid of toxins? And, chances are, it’s already a part of your wellness routine.
According to wellness expert and celeb trainer Lauren Roxburgh, dry brushing before you workout (instead of just before you shower) is an easy hack to stimulate the lymphatic system (aka, your body’s garbage disposal) and open up detox pathways during a workout. Sweating already stimulates the lymphatic system, but she argues that adding the dry brushing before (even for just 2 minutes!) really helps intensify the detox effect.

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“The dry brushing before a workout is amazing because then when you start sweating your pores are more open and you’re going to be able to sweat out all of the toxins that need to come out. And you’re going to get the lymph system going before you workout as well since dry brushing stimulates the lymphatic system,” Roxburgh says.
Want to take the detoxifying effect to the next level?
Try foam rolling (like with Roxburgh’s foam roller designed to enhance lymphatic drainage) after you dry brush to get the lymphatic system even more stimulated, and also increase blood flow and circulation. Foam rolling before you workout may seem new, but it’s actually the best time to do it, according to Roxburgh.
“You should be foam rolling first because it’s preparing the muscles for movement and helps you get into better alignment, have better circulation, and your joints are more hydrated,” Roxburgh adds. “I’ve found both dry brushing and foam rolling together are super easy and super inexpensive for a more effective workout.”
If the thought of adding yet another practice to your busy routine sounds overwhelming–don’t sweat it. Roxburgh says even spending just a few minutes dry brushing your body, and about 5 minutes on the foam roller can make a huge difference in the quality and results of your workout.

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