7 Motivating Fitness Apps To Help You Actually Stick To Your Workouts

From PTs in your pocket to apps that pay YOU to work out.

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With countless training apps on the market, we have access to world-class workouts at the click of a button. We really have no excuse not to work out, and yet… sometimes, we still fall off track. Life gets busy, we get thrown out of our normal routine or we just get bored with what we’re doing. We almost need another tool that helps keep us motivated to use our fitness apps. Luckily, there’s an app for that too! From personal trainers in your pocket to apps that pay YOU to work out, read on for 7 motivating fitness apps to help you stick to your workouts.

The Be.Come Project
fitness apps

Ever started using a fitness app, only to get irritated with it because it was too preachy or made you feel bad about yourself? We guarantee this won’t happen with The Be.Come Project. The  app from NYC trainer Bethany C.Meyers takes an inclusive, encouraging and body-positive approach to fitness. It’s all about working out because you love your body and it makes you feel good, not because you hate it and want to change it. The 25-minute guided workouts are an invigorating blend of pilates, yoga and dance and they’re simple enough that you can do them anywhere—including at home in your undies!
Check out the Be.Come Project.


Let’s be honest, most of us would be a helluva lot more motivated if we had a personal coach checking in on us every day. Coach.me is the closest you can get without having to fork out thousands. Using the app, you pick your goal (for example, running a half-marathon) then set up daily habits within that goal (ie. running 5 km every day). With the free version, you can join communities that will give you ‘props’ when you tick off that habit, or for around $15 per week you can hire a real, human coach who will message you each day to check how you went!
Check out Coach.me.


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If you want to take that tech guidance to the next level, Traniac provides you with your very own personal trainer through the app. Your dedicated PT will create a customised training plan for you, based on your schedule, individual needs and what equipment you have access to. They’ll then check in with you after your workouts and offer guidance and tweaks along the way. At $49.99 US per month for unlimited workouts, it’s far more affordable than having your own IRL trainer.
Check out Traniac.

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Led by some of the most badass women in the fitness industry—Kayla Itsines, Kelsey Wells, Chontel Duncan, Sjana Earp and Stephanie Sanzo—it’s basically impossible not to stay motivated with SWEAT. Often, when we fall off track, it’s because we’re not doing a workout program that suits our individual needs. But this app is all about flexibility and tailored workouts. Whether you’re after post-pregnancy workouts, weight training, HIIT or yoga, there’s truly something for everyone. Plus, you can do the 28-minute workouts anytime and anywhere, so they’re pretty much excuse-proof!
Check out SWEAT.


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There’s nothing like cash rewards to motivate you to stick to your fitness routine! Sweatcoin is kind of like the cryptocurrency of fitness, converting your daily step into ‘coins’ you can spend on a range of gadgets, sports and fitness gear, services and experiences. So, it essentially pays you to work out! One day, the creators plan for it to be listed in the cryptocurrency exchange, too.
Check out Sweatcoin.


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Here’s one for the competitive types! With Sweatbet, you select a game to enrol in, then bet into the pot to join. You then hook the app to one of their approved fitness trackers and aim to reach your personalised step goals for each week of the game. If you meet your goals each week, then you get your bet back, plus a profit. Hey, that’s certainly one way to stay motivated!
Check out Sweatbet.

Charity Miles

fitness apps

If you’d prefer your hard-earned fitness dollars go to a good cause, check out Charity Miles. It works in a similar way to Sweatcoin in that you rack up points with your steps. By instead of them going towards a new pair of kicks, you can choose from more than 40 world-class charities across health, children, animals, the environment, education, veterans and more.  So far, they’ve earned more than $2.5 million for charities. It’s the perfect way to take those feel-good workout vibes to the next level!
Check out Charity Miles.

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