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5 Treatments to Help Get Your Glow Back, According to a Skincare Expert

From microdermabrasion to peels.

Winter can be a difficult time for our bodies in general, dealing with the cold along with the changes it can have on our hair and skin is something we go through each year. Summer is definitely a season we feel like our glow has gone and the cool air has brought out the dryer side of our skin. If you are after some treatments to help you get your glow back here are the beauty routine treatments we’ve got the insider information. We interviewed Senior Skin Therapist at SSKIN, Amba Brennan, about what treatments she recommends to get that glow just before summer. Keep reading to learn more! 

5 Treatments to Help Get Your Glow Back, According to a Skincare Expert

1) Microdermabrasion

This treatment is performed by using a diamond tip wand to glide across the skin’s surface. Whilst simultaneously exfoliating the skin the vacuum used stimulates blood flow and circulation. I like to think of this as buffing the skin, leaving a clean blank canvas ready for the onset of further serums, masks or facial oils to be applied or massaged into the skin. 

2) Hydra-dermabrasion

Very similar to the microdermabrasion only that this time we incorporate a third component to the process by delivering a serum that flows through the wand, now we are able to exfoliate the skin, stimulate circulation and also infuse key ingredients beneficial to your skin concerns. Polishing the skin surface. Hydra-dermabrasion is considered a more gentle treatment compared to microdermabrasion, however I like to combine the two giving the skin both a buff and polish to achieve an all round flawless, hydrated, appearance.

3) Epi-blading:

When I first came across this treatment I had to admit I was a little skeptical. The thought of shaving my face or any female face for that matter went against anything I was ever taught. With further research and finally plucking up the courage to give it a go myself I was pleasantly surprised with the immediate results. This treatment not only removes the surface cells of the skin it also removes the very fine hairs over the face known as peach fuzz. Applying serums and moisturizers after this treatment not only feels heavenly it almost ensures the increased effects of product penetration. Post treatment results are a softer, brighter more even toned skin complexion.

4) Peels

Deciding the right peel for you should be determined during your consultation with your therapist, however one of the most effective peels I find to give that instant glow is lactic acid, this alpha hydroxy acid is the perfect pre party peel, breaking down the glue like substance that holds skin cells together. It allows for softening of rough textured skin and is perfect for dull, dry, dehydrated skin.

5) Light therapy:

Light therapy works when specific wavelengths of light energy enters the skin improving cellular performance, In this case we are talking about LED. Picture yourself on holiday laying out in the warmth of the sun, only the light from this device is not harmful and its benefits range from improving skin tone and clarity to collagen stimulation and skincare hydration. This treatment is by far one of my most popular treatments with clients visiting weekly to escape their daily grind and enjoying the benefits that follow with what appears to be a healthy post holiday glow.

Meet Our Experts:

Amy and Emilee Hembrow’s award-winning skin clinic SSKIN which is one of the top influencer hot spots on the Gold Coast. Known for their cutting edge treatments, for having the best nurses working for them and for their natural results, SSKIN are quickly proving to be a force to be reckoned with when it comes to the beauty space space in Australia.

Key Experts

Tara Muhlenbeck: Tar becoming a registered nurse in 2015, she went on to complete a postgraduate diploma in Cosmetic Nursing and Dermal Science at one of Australia’s top Cosmetic Nursing Training Colleges. She is also one of the most in demand educators.

Amba Brennan: Amba is a Dermal Skin Therapist with over 15 years experience. Amba refined her craft at some of the city’s most established salons treating A-list celebrities, beauty editors and international guests to her signature facial experience. As a trained reiki specialist, Amba combines facial techniques from around the world to create a tailored moment of calm for her clients.

Christie Cameron: Christie is a senior dermal therapist, facial reflexologist and Reiki healer. Graduating Valedictorian, top student from The French Beauty Academy, and Voted Best Beauty Therapist on the Gold Coast by the Gold Coast Bulletin, Christie has learnt from some of the world’s leading professionals how to grow her knowledge in skin science. Over the years she has developed her skills and techniques with a heavy focus on skin science, product chemistry and holistic skin health to really draw focus and attention to the importance of skin healing.

Chiara Dhu: Known as “The Lip Fairy”, Chiara is a Registered Nurse/Aesthetic Nurse specializing in Dermal Fillers and Anti-Wrinkle treatments. Internationally trained, voted Best Injector on the Gold Coast by the Gold Coast Bulletin, Chiara is a highly sought after injector who is passionate about advanced aesthetics and cosmetic medicine.

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