5 Natural Ways To Stop Yourself From Sweating So Damn Much

Try these to help combat hyperhidrosis.

There are natural ways you can treat excess sweating.
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Girls, we feel ya. Especially our fellow Aussies—summer usually winds up as one big fat sweating fest, and it ain’t pretty. But even as the seasons turn cooler, sweaty girls don’t get a break. Arriving everywhere drenched in sweat is, for some, an inconvenient-as-hell fact of life that makes your makeup slide around like no-ones business, your upper-lip a soggy minefield and your hair a damp, frizzy mess.

Well, ‘hyperhidrosis’ is the technical name for being sweaty AF, and we’re here to tell you that there are holistic, natural remedies that can treat it. Here’s how to stop sweating the small stuff, and start sweating, erm… less:

Apple cider vinegar

Yup, the real MVP ACV comes up trumps again with a handy, natural solution to combat excess sweat. Ingesting apple cider vinegar is a great way of boosting your overall health alongside the tackling the sweat issue (literally, is there anything it can’t do?) so try a morning tonic of freshly squeezed lemon, a teaspoon of Manuka honey, some freshly grated ginger and a dash of ACV in hot water. Hashtag health.

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Ps. You can also apply it topically on the underarms to help curb the sweat. Simply rub some on a cotton bud and apply to the underarms before you go to bed. Rinse off in the morning and say hello to a less-sweaty-day, thanks to ACV’s hella-astringent properties.

Baking soda

Newsflash: good, old-fashioned, no-frills baking soda is a supremely effective natural antiperspirant. Its alkaline properties help to balance out the acids in sweat that encourage bacteria to thrive. It absorbs odours and lowers the pH levels in areas of the body that are particularly prone to sweat, which is why it’s such a common-ingredient in natural deodorant formulas.

Black tea

Thanks to its high tannic-acid content and antiperspirant properties, black tea is a sweaty-girl’s dream. This anti-sweat ingredient is highly astringent, which works to constrict the sweat glands, therefore making you sweat less. Simply make the brew as you usually would (although hold your usual milk, honey or sugar—that could be a bit weird) and allow to steep for 15-20 minutes. Dip a cotton pad into the tea and dab onto underarms. Sweat, be gone!


Sage is an extra herb that contains antibacterial and antifungal properties which help to restrict the growth of bacteria that can lead to excess sweating. Sage leaves also contain tannic acid, which means just like aforementioned black tea, it helps constrict sweat glands and reduce excess perspiration. Sipping on cups of sage tea is a good choice for anyone looking to reduce their sweat levels, but the best way to reap the benefits is to boil a tablespoon of dried sage leaves in two cups of water. Allow it to cool to room temperature, and then use the liquid to thoroughly clean any area that tends to get excessively sweaty (e.g your underarms, hands or feet.) Do this daily for best results.

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A wholefoods diet

Yah, we’re on that train again. But seriously, we’ll stop harping on about it when following a wholefoods diet stops being the single best thing you can do to remedy health complaints. The nasty chemicals and toxins that are part and parcel of packaged, processed foods will do your sweat levels absolutely zero favours, and carrying excess weight as a result of an unhealthy diet will compound the problem. Stuffing your diet full of vegetables, wild caught fish, healthy fats and fruits will positively impact your overall health and wellbeing and your excessive sweat levels. Winner winner, wholefoods dinner.

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