5 Easy Throw-Together Dinners This Nutritionist Eats Every Single Week

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You’d be forgiven for thinking Jessica Sepel spends hours in the kitchen. As a clinical nutritionist, an author of two cookbooks and the creator of all those mouth-watering recipes, it’d be easy to assume she makes a gourmet feast at every meal. But in a recent mail-out to her fans, Jess admitted this isn’t the case.
“Lately, when I am cooking, I think to myself, I wish you could all be in my kitchen and see the little time and effort that goes into my dinners,” she wrote. “The fact is, I do not have hours at the end of the day to spend in the kitchen, and I am sure you guys don’t either.”
So what does a nutritionist do when she’s tired and hungry but seriously cbf? She doesn’t order takeout, sorry. Nope, she whips up one of these five quick and easy—but healthy—meals. In fact, she admits she’s been eating them every single week.
“They take very little time and effort and they are absolute family pleasers.”

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  1. One-Pan Japanese Salmon
  2. Kale & Mushroom Cauliflower Rice — I add this to an omelette or 2 boiled eggs
  3. Cauliflower Parmigiana with a protein of choice
  4. San Choy Bow 
  5. Asian Snapper served with Cauliflower Rice or Cauliflower Mash 

If you’re still hungry after one of these delicious dinners, try whipping up a batch of Jess’s rocky road or healthy peanut butter fudge for dessert. Just be mindful of your portion size. We’d recommend sticking to a mouthful to keep your sugar cravings at bay. 
Spoiler alert: Jess does go out for dinner. If you know her at all, you’ll know she’s one for balance. She believes it’s healthy to indulge every once in a while and it’s good for the soul to socialise too. That being said, she’s mindful of her order. According to Jess, these are the healthiest items on the menu at every cuisine.

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