A PT Shares The 5 Best Booty-Boosting Exercises (That Aren't Squats!)

booty-boosting moves
Image: Tegan Haining

Ask any fitness model how they managed to get that booty while staying so slim elsewhere and they’ll tell you: “lots and lots of squats.” It’s straightforward enough advice but let’s be honest — there’s only so many squats you can do before you start to wonder whether having a perky butt is really *that* great.
The good news is, squats aren’t the only exercise you can do to build a round and sculpted derriere. Because it’s important to mix things up a little, we asked Tegan Haining — a Sydney-based PT who has trained the likes of David Beckham, Lara Stone and Jess Gomes — to share her five favourite booty-boosting moves.

Tennis ball kickbacks

“Come on to all fours and place a tennis ball behind your left knee. Squeeze the ball so you don’t drop it, and lift your leg up to the sky so your knee is hip height. Bring it all the way back down so the knees are together and repeat 15 times, then change the ball to the opposite leg to repeat on the other side.”

Single leg elevated hip lift

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Great as a glute activation drill or exercise on their own, single leg hip extensions are easy to include in your program. If you are travelling, doing 30 of these in your hotel room will have your butt exercise covered for the day, try it and see! . . If you like this move there’s plenty more like it in my new book coming Nov 27 – The 7 Day Quickie! Pre-order yours by clicking the link in my bio. . . #instafit #fitnessmotivation #cardio #shredded #gymlife #fitspiration #beachlife #flashesofdelight #thecreative #ig_masterpiece #beachvibes #seeaustralia #exploreaustralia #australiagram #ilovesydney #ig_australia #cityofsydney #7dayquickie #teganhaining #teganhainingpt #nike #fitmumsofig #fitmums #fitmoms

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“Lie on your back with your heels up on the edge of a chair or bench. Lift your right leg up straight to the sky (or keep it bent if you have lower back issues). Push down through your left heel and begin to roll up through your spine, lifting your hips up off the floor. Squeeze your butt at the top and count to 3, then begin to roll back down. Repeat 10x and then switch sides.”

Bent knee mini band walks

“If you don’t have a mini band, you can just do this by holding the half squat position. But if you do have a band, it’s great as it really isolates the glutes. Place the band around your ankles and come into a half squat position. Pull the belly in and begin to walk to your left, staying low, and pushing through your heels with each step. Repeat 15 steps in one direction, then come back and do the other side.”

Hip Marching

“Lie on your back with your feet hip-width apart and your hips up off the floor (in a glute bridge position). Lift your left leg up off the floor, keeping it bent at 90 degrees. Now, you’re going to alternate marching your legs up and down, making sure to keep your tummy pulling in and keeping your hips level. Push down into the floor on the grounded leg to help engage the butt. Repeat for 20 reps on 10 on each side.”

Swiss balls flutter kicks

“If you don’t have a swiss ball, you could also do this on the kitchen bench. Lie over the swiss ball, face down and on all fours. Place your hands out wide on the floor in front of you to balance and lift your legs straight out behind you. Begin to alternate kicking your feet up and down, keeping your legs straight and focus on squeezing the glutes. Time yourself for 40 seconds and rest.”
Tegan Haining’s book, The 7 Day Quickie, comes out on the 27th November.

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