We Asked The Experts: How Do I Get A Perky Butt?

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Welcome to ‘We Asked The Experts’, where our professional know-alls answer the questions that have been puzzling you. Today on the segment, Nike Master Trainer, Steph Bruckner and professional fitness model, Rachel Dillon break down the common conundrum: how do I actually build a bigger booty? … Got a question you want answered? Email [email protected].
When we opened our [email protected] address, we got flooded with emails. Some were unique while others kept popping up time and time again. One resounding echo we heard loud and clear was: “how do I actually build a bigger booty?” It seems everyone wants a perky behind so below, we’re going to tell you just how to get one.
When we scrolled through our experts, two booties—I mean, trainers—sprung to mind: Nike Master Trainer, Steph Bruckner and professional fitness model, Rachel Dillon. While they’ve both been blessed with a beautiful face, they’ve worked hard for their backsides. Using exercise and nutrition, they’ve grown their butts to Kardashian quality. So, how did they do it? It took time and weights. Read on to find out more.

How do I build my glute muscles? 

Steph: Building muscle anywhere on the body does not come easy, especially for us females. You must learn to lift weight and get comfortable with eating to assist your muscles to grow. What will assist in building the booty is progressively overloading your glutes with how much weight you move and how often you move it. Chat to a PT to get a program which caters specifically to you and where you are at in your health and fitness journey.
Rachel: Genetics plays a role to a certain degree but I do believe you can change the shape of your booty and body in general. This is the beauty of weight training. So many girls are afraid to pick up weights but this is the only way to change, grow, minimise, shape and sculpt your body to your liking. With the correct training and nutrition, you can 100 per cent grow a booty—I’ve seen it and experienced it firsthand.

What exercises should I do? And how often? 

Steph: If you do not have access to a gym it’s not a problem, however to build muscle you will need access to some sort of weight e.g. a set of dumbbells or even a resistance band to begin. 2– 3 sessions is usually a good amount per week. Whatever piece of equipment you have access to—whether it be kettlebells, dumbells, plates—make sure the weight is challenging but you are able to maintain great form.
Targeted exercises such as the below are ideal:

  1. Glute Bridge Double and Single Leg – this exercise is great to help activate the muscles.
  2. Hip Thrust – this exercise is great to add weight and start to progressively overload the glutes.
  3. Walking Lunges – this exercise is great not only for the glutes, but your entire lower body. Grab a dumbbell in each hand if you are performing great technique to add some load.

The Barbell Back Squat done with the correct form to load the glutes more, is another exercise which is great to have in your program. I also love the Kettlebell swing to add a little extra burn to the glutes and hamstrings. Gyms have some great machines like the GHR/GHD (no, not the hair straightener) which you can perform exercises such as hyperextensions as another targeted exercise.

  1. Hip thrusts 
  2. Glute bridges
  3. Kick-ups on the smith machine 
  4. Frog pumps or thrusts
  5. Cable kick-backs 

And what about my diet? 

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Rachel: If you want to grow a booty, you need to be consuming enough fuel for your body, the way you train and your goals,” says Rachel. “You can not and WILL not grow a booty if you eat kale for 6 meals a day. Eating less is not the key to growing your glutes. You need to include all macronutrients (carbs, protein and fats) as well as a diet rich in micronutrients. The majority of girls who come to me for help aren’t eating enough food! If you are trying to grow, you do need to ensure you are having enough calories to facilitate growth. No, you won’t grow a booty on 500 calories a day. Food is not to be feared, it is fuel!
The key here is to ensure you’re eating enough protein and you also need to stop being afraid of carbs if you want to grow the glutes. Carbs post-workout are essential here. I always recommend sipping on BCAA’S during training to ensure your muscles are fuelled and aren’t breaking down. It’s also a good idea to get a fast-absorbing protein into your body post-workout.
Steph: When trying to build muscle, it is worth your while to speak to a nutrition coach. Nutrition plays a big part in building muscle. Always keeping what you eat in the area of quality and clean, you will find your body not only responds better but feels better.

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