3 New Gut-Friendly Drinks That Aren't Kombucha

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If you’re into health, it’s pretty much guaranteed you drink kombucha. The good-for-the-gut wellness beverage is fast becoming a non-negotiable for anyone looking to build a healthy microbiome. But the fact that you drink it doesn’t mean you enjoy it—kombucha is divisive.
While some love the drink, others can’t stomach the stuff. In fact, it’s true of many seriously nutritious tonics on the market. I mean, we don’t shot apple cider vinegar for the taste, right?
But taking your nutrients in liquid form can be a great way to ensure you meet your RDI. If you’re not a fan of kombucha or other sippable supplements, you’re not out of luck. Some up-and-coming wellness brands have been hard at work making something for you. Here are three very different, very nutritious drinks that just so happen to be tasty too.
If you do love kombucha, like us, find out how the popular brands in Australia and America compare. 


If it’s beneficial bacteria you’re after, PERKii can help you out. Working with some very smart people at the University of Queensland, the founders of PERKii discovered a way of making probiotics even stronger. By using a technology called PROGEL™, they created an amour-plated like coating for our probiotic friends that gave them more power to survive the stomach and reach the gut (where their sole purpose is to make you feel good, inside and out).
They then combined them with water, juice and all natural fruit flavours to create PERKii—the world’s first armour-plated probiotic water. With over a billion LIVING probiotics ready to fight the good fight and wrapped up in a fruity lactose-free, 26 calorie drink. Check out their five funky flavours here. 


We sprinkle them over salads and mix them into overnight breakfast puddings but that wasn’t enough for the founders of CHIA. They began trialling the hydration of chia seeds with different liquids and now, we can literally drink the stuff—which, as it turns out, is the best way to consume them.
Chia seeds hold more than 10 times their weight in water; hydrating the seed helps increase your body’s ability to absorb the nutrients. Which nutrients? You ask. They’re rich in omega 3, magnesium, calcium, iron and potassium. Plus, they contain naturally occurring electrolytes, which is why the formulation began as a natural energy drink but they just happened to create something extra tasty too.
Side note: they also founded AWAKA sparkling coconut water, another delicious drink with added health benefits.


Ginger, honey, lemon AND apple cider vinegar!! Do it cause you love your body!

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If you’re familiar with the amazing health and weight loss benefits of apple cider vinegar, chances are you’re also aware of its taste (*cue wince*). The team behind Kréol wanted to harness the benefits of ACV but make it palatable too. So, they created a range of drinks that do just that but also happen to be delicious. Rich in prebiotics, electrolytes and vitamins, Kréol sparkling was designed to aid digestion, alkalise the body and cleanse and detoxify. It’s available in three nom-worthy flavours including Lemon, Ginger & Honey; Mango, Lime & Turmeric; and Passionfruit & Orange.

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