Your Weekly Horoscope News: July 6th – July 12th

Everything you absolutely need to know to get through this upcoming week.

Happy Monday! Alex of High Priestess of Brooklyn here with your Astro x  Tarot Scopes for the week of July 6th through July 12th. What was illuminated for you from the Lunar Eclipse yesterday? You’ll be working with that energy all week (and potentially even longer!) as Mars heats up in Aries. This energy inspires us to take action based on what’s been presented to us. But if you’ve been paying attention, you know we have a lot of retrograde planets! So how can you move forward right now? Think about what you may be able to re-work or pick back up from your proverbial back burner. I myself am gearing up to start a podcast, a dream I let go of about two years ago.
Now, I feel reinvigorated and recharged on this project now and things are just falling into place. This is just one example of how you could manifest the energy of the week to carry you through the next six months of Mars in Aries. Find your intuitive guidance below for the week ahead: 

Image: High Priestess of Brooklyn

Cancer (Page of Cups, Reversed):

Optimistic thinking may bite you in the butt this week, Cancer. But not because you shouldn’t trust, just because you missed some of the red flags. Don’t let this minor setback change your big heart. Remember that your intuition is your superpower!

Leo (Ace of Swords):

A new opportunity is coming your way this week! It may allow you to work on something with communication or technology. Both of these areas are in Mercury’s territory so while it could be glitchy to start, you can absolutely trust the intent of the offer. Congratulations in advance, Leo!

Virgo (Four of Pentacles):

Balancing your resources is the name of the game this week, Virgo. Good thing this is your JAM. Just don’t be too stingy with your time; someone may need your help doing what you do so well this week. 

Libra (The Tower):

Just as everything was so peachy, a Tower moment comes to shake your world up a bit. This is Mars in Aries energy to a T, Libra. While it may seem destructive, it’s only a matter of time before the dust settles and you’re able to rebuild again, stronger than ever. 

Scorpio (Death):

You’ll feel right at home this week with all this transformative energy, Scorpio. This eclipse was likely really beautiful for you to let go of what is no longer serving you. The metamorphosis is happening and you’re here for it. 

Sagittarius (The Lovers):

Relationships are your focus this week, Sag. How have you benefitted from seeing yourself through your Lover’s eyes? Ask a soulmate in your life what they love about you this week for the boost you need!

Capricorn (Seven of Pentacles):

You’re watering your seeds of change this week, Capricorn. You know that investing in yourself and success always follows. Do you have time to stop and admire the how far you’ve come? (Hint: the answer is yes!) 

Aquarius (Page of Swords):

You’re making Mercury retrograde look like a walk in the park, Aquarius! Clarity of purpose means you’re able to cut through all of the noise to get your messages across. Whether its writing or speaking, your communication is on point this week. We need your words. 

Pisces (Knight of Wands, Reversed):

Pisces, your energy is coming across a little scattered this week. You have so much you want to accomplish that nothing is really getting across the finish line. Focus on one task you want to complete and let that energy re-set you. 

Aries (Four of Cups, Reversed):

While good things do come to those who wait, you’re being a little too picky this week. Evaluate things for what they are in substance and the timing this week and then make a decision to pull the trigger on one after Mercury goes direct on the 12th. 

Taurus (Five of Cups, Reversed):

You’re moving on and feeling lighter this week Taurus. Thanks to some hindsight, the view ahead is 20:20 and rosy as hell. 

Gemini (Queen of Wands, Reversed):

Creative projects may reach a standstill this week as you work on more life logistics. I know you feel stifled by doing what you don’t want to be doing, Gemini,  but don’t worry, its just a passing phase. 

As a rising Capricorn/Gemini Sun/Scorpio Moon and a lifelong student of all things mystic, Alex Caiola, aka High Priestess of Brooklyn uses Tarot and Astrology as a language to interpret energy. She discovered her gift of Claircognizance (Psychic Knowing) in her ’20s, smack-dab in the middle of her ten-year career in Talent Management. Both careers have been centered around her innate ability to understand people. Over time, she realized her gift was taking esoteric, inaccessible wisdom, and breaking it down into practical advice. She founded High Priestess of Brooklyn with the mission of helping people achieve Modern Enlightenment. She believes everyone should be able to access the benefits of mysticism, not just the spiritually elite, so she created this platform to deliver curated spiritual wellness practices in a down-to-Earth format.  Alex resides in Williamsburg, Brooklyn so the name High Priestess of Brooklyn was intuitive. 

Consistent Tarot Practice has incredible potential to bring about self-awareness, empathy, and trust in your universal purpose. Alex is here to give that to you. But in order for Spiritual guidance to stick, we have to bring it down to Earth. Alex believes in prescribing the best solution for the situation, which may be a Salt bath, a tough conversation with your partner, a manifestation list, or all of the above. During these unprecedented times, she can help guide you through difficulties you might be facing and help you better understand and become the best version of yourself. 

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