Your complete travel guide to Tulum

Where to eat, stay and play.

Where do Jared Leto and Cara Delevigne go to escape the demands of Hollywood? Tulum.
Situated between the lush Yucatan jungle and the Caribbean Sea, this Mexican town is quite possibly the perfect place to unwind and connect with nature, and yourself. The atmosphere is wonderfully wild and bohemian. Expect early morning yoga on the beach and live music at the bars in the afternoon.
So if you’re looking to step away from the hustle and bustle, keep scrolling to discover why Tulum is where you should spend your next holiday.

Relax & Play

From beach yoga to swim-up bars, Tulum has plenty to offer for relaxation and play. Almost everything along the beach strip is accessible by foot, and bicycles can be hired for the day from most hotels for around 150 pesos.

Mayan Ruins, Tulum, Mexico
Image credit: iStock

Take a bike and ride to the mesmerizing Mayan Ruins, ancient structures that sit atop a cliff over the Caribbean Sea. An early morning visit will help you avoid the crowds, and provide a picturesque view. Park the bikes, take the southern entrance from the beach road and climb the wooden steps up the cliff. Trust us, the view from the top is well worth it.
Cenotes, Tulum, Mexico
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Once a place of worship for the ancient Mayans, Cenotes (a.k.a. natural swimming holes) can also be reached by bike. At the Gran Cenote, a spiral staircase lets you descend into turquoise blue water, where bats flutter overhead as you swim with turtles (yes, really).
Tulum has so much to do so hop on two wheels and ride down the beach road to explore the restaurants, bars and places of paradise in Playa Tulum.

Eat & Drink

Tulum is a culinary delight, with Central American and Caribbean flavours combining to create an amazing fusion. The food is refreshingly light, with fish tacos straight from the sea, and coconut water hacked down from a tree in front of you.

cocktail, tulum, mexico
Image credit: Casa Banana

Beachfront bars and candle-lit restaurants stretch across the 10km strip so you’re spoilt for choice. Enjoy a frozen cocktail with your toes in the sand at La Zebra, or an intimate candlelit dinner at the Argentinian inspired Casa Banana. Hartwood boasts the best open fire meat in town, while Restaurare offers delicious vegan meals with the freshest produce.


The Azulik Hotel and Maya Spa features luxury villas perched high on a rocky ridge. Clothing is optional and with no electricity, candles provide the only source of light. An outdoor bed and private bath overlook the ocean, delivering a surreal escape on the Mexican coast. Here you will find the regions first Temazcal, a traditional Mayan steam bath. Linked to the idea of ‘purification’, herbal tea is tossed into hot volcanic stones inside a stone igloo. Representing the mother’s womb, the Temazcal is said to cleanse the mind, body and spirit.

Azulik Hotel, Tulum, Mexico
Image credit: Azulik Hotel

Another option is Hotel Azúcar, which is a boutique hotel with a private deck that extends directly onto the white sand of Playa Tulum. On our first morning, we were welcomed with a complimentary fresh fruit basket. An early wake up was worth it to see the sun rise over the waves from our bed.

TOP TIP: Tulum’s tropical sun means it tends to stay warm all year round, but avoid the early months of the year to beat the crowds.

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