Yes, Your Partner Can Actually Change Your Eating Habits

It’s been said that the longer you’re in a relationship, the more similar you tend to become. You sync up your bedtimes, you watch the same shows (all thanks to #NetflixandChill), and you might even start to adopt some of the same daily habits. But a new study reveals that your partner might also change your taste in food.
According to the new study, published in the journal Appetite, your significant other can change your sense of taste and your sense of smell.
Researchers took to survey 100 couples, who have been together for anywhere between three months and 45 years (can you say #relationshipgoals?!) and tested their smell and taste favorites and found that the longer the couple had been together, the more similar their preferences. So if you’ve ever wondered why you’re suddenly seeming to agree with your bae about restaurant choices, this could prove why.

Dining customs seem to be an important part of the romantic partners’ daily routine and therefore form a substantial element of their cohabitation … As partners share a household (including kitchen and fridge) and a significant proportion of meals, they are much more likely to eat similar types of food,” the researchers report.

It makes sense, really. You’re spending so much time together that you’re likely sharing meals (those favorite at-home recipes do serve two, after all), and generally getting along—not quite. According to the researchers, the happiness level of the relationship doesn’t affect the tastes we develop. Whether you’re happy or unhappy (even temporarily), the longer you are together, the more similar your eating habits become.
So let the latest research be even more of a reason to get with your boo, head to the grocery store, stock up on your favorite meal, and cook together at home. You’ll both enjoy it, guaranteed.

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