Are You Ready for Winter? Read Up On These Immunity Boosters

A doctor shares all.

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We have never heard more about immunity-boosting than in the last couple of years.  The good news is there’s lots of great information and conversation around this important topic.  The bad news: It’s tough to determine what really works. Dr. Nayan Patel, author of The Glutathione Revolution and Founder of Auro Wellness, has studied essential antioxidants and immunity fighters for over two decades.
He’s rounded up his top picks for immunity boosters that will help you stay healthy this Fall and Winter — whether you are filling up on these boosters at the grocery store, with oral supplements, or with his patented transdermal delivery system — they all play a crucial role in helping you stay healthy.
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Are You Ready for Winter? Read Up On These Immunity Boosters

1) Vitamin E: This free radical fighter helps the body fight off infection and can protect cells from free radical damage.  It is one of the antioxidants on the front lines of the body’s defense system. Vitamin E can be found in many food staples like canola oil, olive oil, almonds, peanuts, meats, dairy, leafy greens, and fortified cereals.
2) Zinc: Zinc is vital to staying healthy and is one of the essential minerals our bodies need. It has a role in the development and the functioning of immune cells. Zinc is crucial in keeping the thymus and bone marrow functioning normally – which are responsible for generating immune cells – and bonus: Zinc promotes wound healing.
3) Glutathione (GSH): GSH is a powerhouse immunity booster! This naturally occurring Master Antioxidant ensures the immune system functions properly. It fights free radicals, combating the oxidative stress that is the cause of sickness and disease. Deficient Glutathione levels are related to many adverse effects on the body, from neurodegenerative issues of the brain to even cancer. GSH levels in the body decline as we age, and they get depleted when faced with an abundance of free radicals but can be boosted with Glutathione-rich foods, moderate exercise, and supplements.
But not are equal! Dr. Nayan Patel developed the transdermal supplement Glutaryl. It’s Auro GSH Antioxidant Delivery System is a patented, first-of-its-kind technology that optimizes antioxidant absorption and efficacy. With an easy squirt on the wrist, GSH can be readily absorbed, giving you an immunity boost.
4) Vitamin C: Vitamin C is perhaps the most well-known immune booster of all time. It enjoys rockstar status.  Unlike Glutathione, we don’t create or replenish Vitamin C in our bodies. But it acts like Glutathione in other ways – it’s an antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and strengthens immune system cells. Some of the best foods nature offers are full of vitamin C, like citrus, bell peppers, strawberries, and tomatoes, to name a few.
5) Vitamin B6: With the big job of producing white blood cells and T cells, which regulate immune responses, Vitamin B6 is integral for keeping the immune system strong. It’s found in some of our favorites, like hummus, salmon, and tuna.

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