Why Sydney's new KX Pilates studio is worth visiting

The dynamic Pilates reformer method born in Melbourne and taking Sydney by storm has got a new North Shore home in Mosman. With only ten reformers, the boutique-size studio offers an intimate practice. We tried out a ten-class pack (new students can take advantage of five classes for $50) and can honestly report that no two sessions were the same. Utilizing reformers plus hand weights, magic circles, straps, jump boards and more, it’s a brilliant way to shake-up your resistance-based workouts, and a chance for traditional Pilates devotees to try something a little more high octane. To amp things up even more, KX offers both beginner and intermediate classes, although we stuck with beginner level and found it to be challenging enough without being punishing. And if you like Madonna, Gaga et al soundtracking your workout, run don’t walk to the Military Rd. studio. To find out more, we quizzed KX Mosman owner Paul Cicchetti about the benefits of KX.

There are lots of dynamic Pilates methods and studios popping up around Australia. What makes KX unique?

KX is a lifestyle. Not only is it high performance and combines circuit training with Pilates, but it promotes a way of living where you live life to the fullest and the healthiest you can possibly be.
Our trainers are full of energy and are there to support you through your goals. We love KX just as much as the clients.
KX Pilates, pilates mosman

What are the greatest benefits people can receive from going to KX Pilates and how quickly will one see results?

As well as restoring movement patterns in all fitness levels and aiding in the rehabilitation of any injuries, the main benefits of KX Pilates are increased core strength, muscular strength, flexibility, and cardio endurance. However most importantly, and my favourite: Pilates integrates the body and the mind. Even Mr Joseph Pilates considered “the heightening level of experience the body can enjoy,” through Pilates. Results are visible in as little as 15-20 sessions.

I love your classes! They are always upbeat with a fun playlist (lots of Madonna!). What is your personal approach to Pilates?

Strike a pose! There’s nothing to it! Be yourself, and shine no matter who is watching. Personally, I love high energy, which is shared in a group environment so I aim to execute highly motivating and exciting sessions where you get results while having fun and forgetting about everyday life and pushing through the pain. Music is one of the tools that help everybody so I definitely like to embrace it.
KX Pilates, Mosman pilates

How many KX Pilates sessions per week are optimal and does the workout cover all fitness bases or would you recommend supplementing with other training?

We recommend at least three sessions per week to see those results and to enjoy a transformation in your strength, physique and body awareness. Depending on your goals, KX can cover all fitness bases as it integrates cardio and endurance training with Pilates, however some like to combine one to two KX Pilates classes with their other fitness passions, be it for personal or athletic reasons, i.e. marathon training, running, cycling, swimming, gym, etc.

What should newbies to KX Mosman keep in mind?

Entry is via the Carney Lane car park just off Raglan St! We also have a shower and change rooms should you need to change or refresh before or after your session.

KX Pilates

Level 1, Rear 789 Military Road, Mosman, NSW 2088. Australia (Enter via Carney Ln)

Phone: +61 (02) 8041 7950

Website: www.kxpilates.com.au


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