Why L.A. yogis can't get enough of this studio

Are you the girl who listens to gangsta rap on the way to the farmer’s market after yoga ? If not, don’t you wish you were?
Across the Pacific, there’s a hip new yoga trend gaining traction – hip-hop yoga.
New York based studio Y7 is taking its music fuelled vinyasa flow all the way to California, setting up on Melrose Avenue in West Hollywood. With classes booked out weeks ahead, L.A yogis can’t get enough of it.
Founded by Sarah Level, Y7 Studio offers a whole new twist to your average practice. The innovative concept is designed to get you out of your mind and into your body, by tuning into some sick beats.

 “The yoga you want, the sweat you need, the music you love”

Picture yourself moving through your favourite yoga sequence in a candlelit, infrared heated room, to the rhythm of Drake’s beats. Before you cringe with the idea of an aggressive, heart pumping, anxiety inducing song interrupting your peaceful flow, think again. The fun playlist is skilfully created to allow you to focus on your posture and your breathing while adding a defiant dose of fun and relaxation to the whole process.
We half expect Beyoncé & Jay-Z to walk in and start flowing with us with an impromptu concert. Only we wouldn’t see them. The beauty of the candlelit class is that the darkness allows you to focus on your own practice instead of feeling intimidated or distracted by what others are doing. In that sense, you’re truly practicing yoga and tuning into your body.
For all the guys out there too scared to try yoga for lack of it’s “manly” image, fear no more. The power of Yeezy is now with you, making it a great way to start sweating with your ohm-ies. Reviews have raved on the accessibility and overall fun of the classes, making it that much cooler.
Unfortunately Y7 Studio is yet to land on our Aussie shores, but a few studios offer this concept Down Under so we can get low-low-low in crescent lunge with Flow-Rida or get Z.E.N with the Notorious B.I.G…
Okay, Okay. Enough with the hip hop yoga puns. We promise.

Y7 Studio

Y7 has three NYC locations (Williamsburg, Soho and Flatiron) and one LA location (West Hollywood)
Website: www.y7-studio.com

Y7 Studio

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