Meet the yoga ensemble that has Bianca's tick of approval

As busy as my life may be, one of the perks of running Amodrn is travelling the globe sourcing new cafes, health and fitness trends, studios, hotels and activewear, just for you!
While we have our fair share of stylish brands Down Under (see for inspo), it seems the ‘other’ side of the world seems to get a whole new breed of active wear brands. Not only does this give me more of a reason to jump on the next plane to add a few extra pieces to my never ending sports-drobe, but also the chance to trial and test all these new pieces so I can relay back to Amodrn (you) what’s hot and what’s not.
So, yes my latest trip to sunny Los Angeles was a success in the fashion stakes and most notable was this Alo Yoga ensemble, which I’m quite literally ‘bending over backwards’ for. In all honestly, this combo ticks all the rights boxes in my yoga journal. It’s comfortable yet moves with my body, hugs all the right places including my love handles, is flattering to my figure and most importantly is fashion forward.
I really enjoyed my practice wearing this outfit and I can assure you that these tights and bra are a performer all round. Big thumbs up from me.
Bianca Cheah, Alo Yoga, Miami
Bianca Cheah, Alo Yoga, Miami
Bianca Cheah, Alo Yoga, Miami

See more from Alo Yoga here.


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