Why beach umbrellas are having a fashion moment

Gone are the days of ugly, bulky beach umbrellas cramping your style. Of late, we’ve seen the emergence of the fashion-forward beach umbrellas, which provide necessary shade from those harsh rays.

Case in point, coveted Australian fashion label Bec & Bridge and Magnum collaborated over the weekend to hand out 700 limited edition beach umbrellas to Bondi Beach goers in under 45 minutes. The sight was incredible, with the stylish leopard print umbrellas covering almost every inch of sand.
beach umbrellas
Combining their communal appreciation for sea, salt and sun, the initiative proved that sun protection doesn’t mean comprising on style. And considering Australia has the highest rate of skin cancer in the world, it’s high time a beach umbrella is considered a quintessential accessory for sun-drenched days on the sand.
The truth is, while you might think that sun damage is something you don’t need to worry about until you start seeing sun spots, if you want healthy skin in the future, you need to start protecting yourself now.
But even if you missed out on a Bec & Bridge X Magnum umbrella we’ve rounded up some of our favourites so you can add some fun and safety to your seaside look.

3 stylish beach umbrellas

beach umbrellas

1. Basil Bangs

Shop Dome Beach Umbrella $259

beach umbrella

2. Sunnylife

Shop Beach Umbrella – Avalon $99.95

beach umbrella

3. Mirage

Shop Mirage Beach Umbrella $25.95


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