“Get Them Out!” Why This Fitness Trainer Is Getting Her Breast Implants Removed

The inspiration behind her decision.

breast implants
Image via Instagram user @cassey.maynard

Sydney-based fitness trainer, Cassey Maynard, known to some as ‘The Energiser’, is up there with some of the most high-vibing humans you’ll ever meet. Passionate about living a life of balance driven by health and fitness, she’s made it her business to inspire others to do the same.
But Cassey hasn’t always had such a positive mindset or the healthiest relationship with herself. In fact, before she made the leap into the world of fitness, she struggled greatly with negative body imageso much so, that she decided she needed a boob job. 
“I originally got my implants in 2008 when I was living in Dubai working as an air hostess for Emirates,” Cassey openly tells Amodrn. “I was 25 and felt I was not good enough. I was constantly comparing myself to all the gorgeous girls I worked alongside so I joined the ‘plastic fantastic’ trend to fit in and feel better about myself.”

breast implants
Image via Instagram user @cassey.maynard

After developing an air bubble in one of her breasts post-op, Cassey had to undergo corrective surgery when she moved back to Sydney about six months later.
“Of course, I decided to go bigger the second time around, because I still didn’t feel confident in my own skin—and these are some very expensive boobies might I add!”
Fast forward to now and Cassey has made the decision to get them removed. When asked what the reasoning behind this was, Cassey responded: “Being healthy is my number one value in life and having foreign objects in my body just doesn’t fit in with that anymore.”

“I really believe that having something foreign in my body and not knowing the side effects is very scary!”

“I just want go back to the true me and what I was born withand I want to love and respect my body just the way it is meant to be. I don’t want my boobs to be the first thing people see. I want them to see my eyes, my smile and my soul.”

breast implants
Image via Instagram user @cassey.maynard

“They feel HUGE and I get really self-conscious when they are even remotely on show. It also feels like my body is rejecting them now. I’ve had one of them shift and have just felt off for months. I think it’s my soul screaming ‘get them out!’”
Rather than recalling an exact turning point, Cassey tells Amodrn that this is something she’s been thinking about for over a year.
“If I really think back, the thoughts started to come when I started on my spiritual journey at the beginning of 2018. I learnt the practice of Vedic Meditation and now meditate for 20 minutes twice daily. It’s really helped me to tune into my body.”
“I’m a massive advocate for meditation since learning how to do it properly. It has really taught me to slow down, be more present and get in tune with the true me.”
Alongside meditation, Cassey shares that journaling has also become a big part of her morning routine. “It helps me get the crap out of my head and onto paper. It’s like a release for me! There is a lot of ‘boobie chat’ in my current journal!”
“Another way I’ve upped my wellness game is by doing something every day that brings me joy (other people might call this self-love). My new fave is cranking a good song, dry brushing my body and dancing in front of the mirror naked (truth!). It feels so amazing!”
breast implants
Image via Instagram user @cassey.maynard

On a mission to be the fittest, healthiest and more energised version of herself, Cassey shares that making the decision to remove her breast implants is only one aspect of a broader, holistic lifestyle change she’s hoping to achieve.
“When I get them out next week, I’m going on a major detox for a few weeks. No coffee, no booze, no sugar, gluten or dairy. I’m going detox heavy metals in my bod and reset as much as I can.”
“I’m being more conscious about everything that I put in and on my body. Eating organic where possible and using natural beauty products.”
Cassey shares that she will be working with a health consultant who specialises in helping women detox their bodies post implant removal.
You can follow Cassey’s journey on @cassey.maynard.

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