Why 10 Years & A Wedding Couldn't Save Miley and Liam's Relationship

According to a relationship expert.

miley cyrus
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With on-again-off-again relationships, it can be difficult to keep your private life on the down-low while trying to save your sanity and dignity — in this case when you’re a celebrity couple where your private life is held under a microscope, this can be even worse. 
While your life is under constant surveillance by the paparazzi, your personal security guards and people trying to hack your phone, trying to keep a relationship alive and private (especially if you have issues) would take a lot of your energy and time, which your busy celebrity schedule may not allow you to have.
The decade-long roller coaster ride of Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth’s relationship from dating to engaged to broken up, then engaged again, turned marriage, turned divorce six months later was hard to keep track of for us commoners. 
A difficult pill for fans to swallow, the news of the end of their very short marriage (though not as bad as Britney or Kim K), means the two have finally gone their separate ways. While the timeline of their relationship is confusing, we look at the truths and deep-rooted issues behind their partnership that ultimately caused its demise.

miley cyrus
Image via Instagram user @mileycyrus

Growing up in the spotlight isn’t easy for young teens, especially when your Dad (Billy Ray Cyrus) is one of the most well-known country singers around the world and your Godmother (Dolly Parton) is still America’s sweetheart. Taking on the role of Disney’s Hannah Montana meant being thrown into celebrity as both a singer and actress, all while trying to figure out puberty and what kind of person she wanted to be, young Miley had her work cut out for her.
In Liam’s case, breaking through the acting world with our Aussie TV’s on Home and Away alongside his brother Chris Hemsworth, they were destined for Hollywood from a young age. Coming into many roles as a new hot Aussie actor, Liam landed his big break in Nicholas Sparks’ movie adaptation of The Last Song in 2009 where he met Miley, who was trying to remove the Hannah Montana schtick. As their love story went on like a normal teen couple (minus the constant fleet of paparazzi and endless amounts of disposable income) these two lovebirds spent their 20s together. 
They had break-ups and make-ups like any other young couple, but one of the many factors as to why they often split is due to changes in personality and discovering who they really are. Take a flashback to when you were 20-something with the world at your feet, trying to figure out who your real friends are, what you want to do as a career and finding out new things about yourself. Now imagine trying to accomplish all of that with a movie-star sized target on your back, while strangers, colleagues and even friends start treating you like an alien lifeform. 
Finding yourself, even in our 30s and 40s, can be tough, and for Miley it wasn’t just figuring out who she was, but identifying and accepting herself as a pansexual (someone who has an attraction towards people regardless of their sex or gender identity) in the spotlight. Facing judgement from family and friends is extremely daunting for those coming out, and for a celebrity, unfortunately, the global stage is part of that intimate circle. Figuring out all of this while going between dating Liam and various celebrities like supermodel Stella Maxwell, allowed Miley the opportunity to look inward at her sexuality and identify her very strong feelings of attraction for both sexes.
miley cyrus
Image via Instagram user @mileycyrus

Dipping in and out of relationships, Miley found stability in her relationship with Liam. Like most cases, when we find a familiar feels-like-home relationship, we tend to gravitate towards it more than others. We find ourselves staying in the relationship well past its due date or breaking it off only to come back around to it like a boomerang; as humans, we love what is comfortable, familiar and convenient. 
Distancing yourself from a significant relationship means letting go of that person and sometimes we just can’t fully let go; in Miley and Liam’s case, anything bad about the relationship is forgotten from distance and some time apart, and as a result they got back together for another three years to be wed and sadly, divorced.
In an interview with Elle Magazine in July 2019, Miley noted that she is still sexually attracted to women and that her and Liam’s marriage wouldn’t be a normal ‘honey I’m home’ scenario — I mean two of Hollywood’s biggest names living under one roof isn’t quite cause for the husband being the bread-winner and the wife cooking him a steak dinner! 
While the couple broke it off in August 2019, the split was amicable and they both have wished the best for one another. Though going through an on-again-off-again relationship isn’t the most healthy way to build on trust, honesty and love in a relationship, at least Miley and Liam can say they tried their hardest to make the partnership work and went their separate ways with grace and respect for one another.

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