Exactly Where To Sell Your Pre-Loved Clothes For Extra Cash

From online platforms to good old fashion market stalls.

Clothes on a clothing rack.
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Thanks to the colder-weather, you might find yourself with a little more time on your hands at weekends (or rugged up by a fire drinking red wine in a cabin—but I digress). You might just feel inspired to have a wardrobe clear-out, to make room for another khaki-green long sleeve button-up shirt with tortoiseshell buttons (just me?) and if that’s the case, you probably want to make a bit of cash from your much-loved pieces to put towards a refresh.

Well, we got your girl. Gone are the days of only being able to sell your old garmz on ebay for $2 a piece—there are now a plethora of options for rehoming your old favourites. Here are our top picks:


An easy-peasy app that will have you selling your wardrobe in seconds, Carousell is super flexible and allows you to sell to buyers from all over the country. You can chose delivery and payment methods to suit you—so if you’d rather meet up in person or post the item, you’ve got the freedom to make your own rules.

While Carousell is great for selling pieces from the high street and mid-range designers—it might be worth looking for something a little more specialist if you’re trying to sell real luxury items.

Facebook Marketplace

Not usually the destination for your high-end designer items, Facebook Marketplace is the “better than nothing” place to sell all of your pre-loved high street favourites. You might not make big bucks, but if you’re selling in big numbers, your earnings will quickly add up. You simply meet in a pre-determined spot with your buyer, give them the item and pocket the cash.

Sneakers, a hat and a pile of clothing ready to be packed into a suitcase.
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An oldie but a goodie—sure, we might have turned our noses up slightly at eBay in the intro to this piece, but the truth is—it’s still a great way to sell your clothes. Setting up an account is quick and easy, and the auctioning of your pre-loved pieces is pretty straightforward to manage. You can also list the item for up to two weeks—which is especially gratifying for those who love to build the suspense and watch the last-minute bid attempts flood in. Plus, payments are made through Paypal, making it super safe and secure.

While eBay is perfect for the standard wardrobe clear-out, it’s also a great pick for pre-loved designer items. You’ll be surprised at what people will pay for them!


Obviously this depends upon where you’re based, but if you’re close to a big city—selling your clothes at markets is a great way of getting rid of things en masse and getting cash-in-hand payments. The cost tends to be about $60-$80 AUD–so grab a friend, split the cost, and you’ll make the money back in no time.

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If you’re in Sydney, hitting up Glebe or Kirribilli markets are your best bet, while Camberwell and Round She Goes Fashion Market are great for Melbournians. Just don’t forget to stock up on hangers and clothing racks before the event!

Tips for selling your clothes:

In order to get all of your pieces sale-ready, follow these tips to maximise your selling potential:

  • For online, take pictures against a neutral backdrop and in natural light
  • As well as the standard pictures of the whole garment, zoom in on any unique or fun details
  • Some buyers also like to see what it looks like on a person, so have options for this as well
  • Always iron your clothes—crinkles are a definite turn-off
  • Be super descriptive in your captions and don’t bend the truth—if it’s well-worn, say so. It isn’t worth the hassle of complaints, returns and negative seller reviews
  • Be responsive and make sure you offer a pleasant customer experience
  • Price reasonably—all the back and forth of negotiating a lower price isn’t worth the few extra dollars you could potentially make
  • If you’re posting, do it promptly! Get into the habit of visiting the post-office within 48 hours of selling, and make sure you keep your buyer in the loop

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