Four Places You Need To Travel To For Your Next Wellness Vacation

Where to book your next relaxing getaway inside.

Four Places You Need To Travel To For Your Next Wellness Vacation

It’s almost Christmas so you’re probably in need of a little R+R – we all are. With evidence showing – statistically – we gain more recuperation from a break outside our normal environment, you have even more of a reason to book your ticket to paradise. And for where exactly that is – that’s where I, your wellness expert, come in. Enjoy the read and most importantly, the rejuvenation.

1) Alila Manggis, Bali

The Alila Hotel group prides itself on personalized hospitality, privacy, and bespoke experiences – and Alila Manggis, for wellness seekers, is exactly that. Their cleverly curated all-inclusive Well-being Package doesn’t just offer daily yoga, tai chi, a hand-selected organic plant-based menu, and daily spa treatments – oh no, it’s so much more. Enjoy ancient Balinese healing techniques in your massage and sounds of a gentle ocean breeze while it happens. Envision lifting, not even a finger, whilst the staff meets every request you ask for – with a smile. Experience activities such as the ‘Mount to Sea’ bike ride, traversing rice paddies and ending on white sands of Virgin Beach. Book in a spot now – before everyone else does.

four destinations for your next wellness vacation
Image: Alila Manggis

2) Be Tulum Hotel, Mexico

You know if National Geographic recommends it, it’s worth a look. With its traditional spa using sacred herbs and medicinal plants are grown on its very own rooftop, Be Tulum offers a whole new level of authenticity for it’s (Mexican) spa treatments. Try the Mayan Renaissance, Aztec Chakra Balancing Massage or even a traditional energetic cleansing. Outside the spa, enjoy boutique villas, the crystal clear water and rustic charm of the Mayan Riviera, which you’ll find at your doorstep. Hardest part? Deciding when to return… because you won’t want to leave.

Four Places You Need To Travel To For Your Next Wellness Vacation
Image: Be Tulum

3) The Ranch Malibu

No reception and limited wifi? Unplugging just got that much easier. At the Ranch Malibu, you start your day with a gentle wake up at 530, revitalize with yoga and a 4-hour hike (yes, 4 hours) in the AM, with naps, strength training and free time in the PM. Certified organic plant-based cuisine such as nut-based ricotta atop spinach and zucchini lasagne and gluten-free pizza will refuel your weary body, as will the early 8:30 pm bedtimes.

Four Places You Need To Travel To For Your Next Wellness Vacation
Image: The Ranch Malibu

4) La Granja Ibiza

A members-only hotel requiring you to apply? Only in Ibiza. Seeking to maintain ‘organic togetherness’ and wellness-centric travelers, La Granja’s group meditations, mescal rituals, and community-based projects mean that it’s not your typical wellness resort. The venues back to basics approach, reflected in simplistic rooms, means you focus on what’s really important. And as you’re surrounded by panoramic mountain ranges, it’s not exactly hard – is it?

four destinations for your next wellness vacation
Image: La Granja Ibiza

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