What Mark Wahlberg's Investment In F45 Means For The Future of Functional Fitness

Burpees and squats are here to stay!

f45 mark wahlberg
Image: @f45_training

Fans of deadlifts, squats and burpees are set to be psyched, Mark Wahlberg’s new investment in F45 just confirmed functional training is the future of fitness and is here to stay.
With over 1500 studios worldwide, the Australian gym chain F45 has been rapidly taking over the global fitness scene thanks to its simple formula of functional training in 45 minutes, but now thanks to Hollywood Actor Mark Wahlberg on board as a minority investor, it’s only set to keep soaring.
While figures weren’t officially released, it’s said Mark Wahlberg Investments has injected a cool $US450 million into the fitness company, with hopes to grow the market in the US to approximately 5000 to 7000 studios—and further adding to his wellness related portfolio of brands including StockX—a sneaker resale startup, Aquahydrate water and Performance Inspired Nutrition, a workout supplement.

Image: F45

Not so bad for the one-time studio only founded in Sydney in 2012.
Wahlberg, who gained fame for his fit figure in The Fighter credits F45 for his fine physique and believes it’s the down to earth approach to fitness and people it attracts that gives it a unique feel.

“As a fitness fanatic I fell in love with F45 after I walked in and saw people from all walks of life and levels of fitness, working out together,” said Wahlberg, who first tried the studio in November.

The workouts, which fuse High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), Circuit Training and Functional Training a part of their ability to cater to a wide market, as the unique training formula gives people the chance to rotate between over 31 different variations of 45 minute workouts, while offering a perfect balance of interval, cardio and strength work to burn fat and build muscle.
It appears to be a functional fit from the F45 business side of things too, with Rob Deutch, F45’s Australian Founder and CEO admitting it took two years to find the right investor. With Wahlberg being “into fitness, shredded and [having a] clean brand image” his traits made him the perfect ally to disrupt the fitness industry with.

Image: F45

And hey, the celebrity endorsement in Hollywood and ‘pulling power’ of Wahlberg’s influence won’t hurt in helping further skyrocket the functional fitness franchise either.

So functional fans, rest assured the cardio, strength and interval training formula you know and love is fast-tracking its way to you! Just make sure to put your best sneaker forward, you never know, you may end up in a partner push-up with Wahlberg!

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