Meet F45 founder and celebrity trainer Luke Istomin

He counts Hugh Jackman, Erin Heatherton and Nicole Kidman as clients.

Luke Istomin, F45 Training, Varlah, celebrity personal trainer

Sydney-based trainer Luke Istomin works with a slew of A-list celebrities, including Hugh Jackman, Erin Heatherton and Nicole Kidman. But he’s also responsible for the F45 Training phenomenon that has taken Australia (and the world) by storm. Istomin is one of the original co-founders of the functional workout franchise, and he’s now turning his expertise towards another fitness venture.
Dubbed ‘the Netflix of fitness’, DICED by VARLAH is Australia’s first on-demand video streaming fitness program, offering subscribers unlimited access to hundreds of high intensity workouts anytime, anywhere, from any device. 
Here, Istomin gives Amodrn the scoop on his workout style, colour co-ordinated active wear wardrobe, and favourite healthy hotspots.

Getting To Know You

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Born: Singleton, NSW – less than 40 years ago!
Lives: Sydney, the best city in the world.
Known for: Professionally: Creating F45 Training, celebrity personal trainer to Hollywood A-listers including Nicole Kidman, Hugh Jackman, Leonardo DiCaprio, Victoria’s Secret supermodel Erin Heatherton and many more. I help them get ready for the silver screen or catwalk. More recently, I’m known for my DICED by VARLAH 6 Week Body Transformation Program that brings these Hollywood training and nutrition secrets to you. Personally, I’m known for being relaxed and humble and I never let people’s negative opinions get the better of me.
Personal motto: Today is a brand new day with endless opportunities.
Success is: Learning from every occasion and not calling them failures.
Advice I would give my 20 yr. old self: Put 20% of your earnings away and invest it.
People are surprised that I: …am not a professional motorcycle racer because of my lifelong obsession with all things two wheeled! It’s just the lack of talent that prevented me.
I’m inspired by (person, place or idea): My father, John Demartini, Seth McFarlane, Hawaii, the ocean, Nurburgring.
The biggest risk I have taken (that has paid off) is: Moving away from the safety of the coal mines to the big smoke of Sydney with only a dream of wearing gym clothes for a living.
From my mistakes, I have learnt: That my learnings should make me a grand sensei of life! Yet, I’m still a student of life.
My most used emoji is: Thumbs Up.

Out And About

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Wake up time: 4:50am
Morning ritual: Give my girlfriend a bum squeeze before I leave the bed. You’d do the same if you saw it.
Desk lunch: Usually a wrap with lots of avo, veggies, salad and a protein source.
Last thing I do at night: Tell my gf I love her, regardless of how irrational and hormonal she may have been that day 😉
Guilty pleasure: A fresh hot cinnamon + Nutella scroll with some Messina. But I have no guilt about it, only sugar highs, then move on.
3 things vital to my day: 7 hours sleep, training, laughing.
Cafe: Wholefoods Department, Potts Point. You will find me there most weekends with my crew laughing hysterically at our random stories of the week.
Juice: 80% veggie & 20% fruit, any combo.
Coffee: Maybe once a week. Giving caffeine to a ADHD man-child is not recommended I assure you!
Culture stop: It’s Sydney. A huge reason I love this city is the diversity we have with literally everything. Food, fashion, cultural beliefs and movies.
Studio/gym: I’m currently working out from my home using nothing more than my bodyweight doing the DICED-style HIIT workouts I’ve developed. I’m also currently creating countless body transformation programs and workouts for all body goals that millions of people around the world can stream at any time from any device and do alongside myself and other trainers from the comfort of their own living room, hotel, office, outside, or wherever they wish to without having to step foot into a gym.


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Sports top: I didn’t realise but it’s been pointed out a number of times, and most recently by a fellow DICER, that I colour coordinate everything I wear (think watch, shoelaces, sweat towel and drink bottle). Check out the Instagram account @colour_coordinated_pt – someone in our DICED community recently set it up and you will understand my OCD with my wardrobe.
Shoes: I have 43 pairs of trainers (one for every outfit!) but my favourite would be between my original Jordan 5’s, or my blue suede TODS sneakers – it’s a tough one.
Sunglasses: Ray Ban Wayfarer’s have been on my mug for the last 10 years, I can’t see that changing much too soon.
Watch: Between Apple watch and Fitbit, I’m spoiled for choice for my workouts. I’ve got my eyes on a Rolex Submariner next year for my big birthday.
Store: Any store in Manhattan.
New season must have: On the rare occasion I’m out of training gear, a tailored Hugo Boss suit always gives me an extra spring in my step.

Culture And Tech

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App: Uber, every single day.
Website: My site,, of course!
Binge watch: Anything with an engine of course – Moto GP or Top Gear. Or Game of Thrones and Stranger Things.
Instagram stalk: @valeyellow46, @caseystoner, @powerslidelover
Album love: Foo Fighters Greatest Hits. RHCP – Mothers Milk, Kate Monroe.

Logging On


Instagram: @varlah

Facebook: VARLAH


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