aura reading
Image: Girl with Red Hat via Unsplash

What Do You Think Your Aura Color Looks and Feels Like?

If you're curious, try an aura reading today.

Many of us have heard of auras before, but have you ever seen one? The energy that emits from your body actually has a color that you can photograph or that some gifted mystics can actually see. It’s a beautiful thing to experience and something that can help you figure out your essence of being. You can figure out your personality with a visit to an expert or take a photo with someone who has the proper equipment. What do you think your aura color looks and feels like? We’ve done some research on what the experience is like and what each color means. Keep reading for more!

aura reading
Image: Girl with Red Hat via Unsplash

How Does an Aura Reading Work?

So what is an aura and how does a reading work? According to Cosmopolitan, an aura is described as an electromagnetic field that surrounds a person’s body and is associated with their energy. While it can be seen by some, it can be felt by everyone. According to them, an aura can also be contagious, so keeping your energy levels happy make others feel that joy and gratitude as well!

You will usually only have one main aura color, but that does not mean that there are not different layers and colors to your complex and unique personality and energy! Your aura can change, depending on your state of mind, but also your mood. It will return to its original state once you’ve leveled out. Many, many things can change your physical and emotional aura, but don’t fret! There’s always an opportunity to get back to your original state. If you’ve gone ahead and gotten an aura reading or want to, we’ve listed the different color meanings below for you to remember or look back on. One tip: we also love taking a pen and paper and writing down what our reader tells us!

aura reading
Image: Girl with Red Hat via Unsplash

Aura Color Meanings

  • Red: confidence, strength, passion, ambition, and brave
  • Pink: romantic, gentle, peaceful, loving
  • Magenta: independence, creativity, humor
  • Orange: good health, energy, optimistic, sociable
  • Yellow: intelligent, free, full of life, smart, witty, confident
  • Green: growth, healing, self-love, compassion, open, practical
  • Blue: caring, empathetic, sensitive, truthful, honest
  • Indigo: creative, introverted, intuitive, spiritual

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