New to Tarot? Here's How to Select the Right Deck For You

Plus, 5 of our modern favorites!

Tarot Cards

Whether you’re new to the cards or a Tarot expert, selecting a Tarot deck can prove both exciting and overwhelming. It’s kind of like the old protein powder conundrum – with so many options available, how do you ensure you’ll choose the one that’s right for you?!  
First up, consider your skill level. If you’re brand new to Tarot, you may do best to start learning with the most popular deck, Rider Waite. As one of the OG classics, the traditional imagery is to-the-point and you’ll find tons of resources online for learning the basics and developing your practice. That said, even as a newbie you may prefer a more modern, aesthetically-minded deck… and that’s cool too.
Here’s your best bet: look for a personal and intuitive connection with the cards. What are you most drawn to? As with everything, go with your intuition! Notice how you connect with the imagery and energy of the cards (and yes, this works with online shopping, too!).
Whether you’re making your Tarot debut or just in the market for a fresh deck, we’ve rounded up five of our modern favorites:  

The Starchild Tarot

Starchild Tarot
Image via Instagram user @london_44

A photogenic Instagram fave, this mystical modern deck has a mixed-media feel and a focus on themes of self-healing, spirituality, the ancient world, and sacred geometry woven throughout.
Shop here.

The Luminous Spirit Tarot Deck

Featuring holographic prisms and inspired by light and color, The Luminous Spirit has an ethereal aesthetic (and pairs with an app for your phone!).
Shop here.

She Wolfe Tarot  

Unlike standard tarot decks, the She Wolfe deck has a feminist edge with themes relating to Goddess power, Ancient Egypt and desert imagery, with beautiful imagery and powerful mantras woven in.
Shop here.

The Wild Unknown Tarot

A cult classic, for good reason. The wilderness-inspired deck illustrated by Kim Krans infuses readings with a colorful energy.
Shop here.

Spirit Speak Tarot

Easy to use and read, this black-and-white deck has a modern, minimalist vibe.
Shop here.

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