What *Is* Sound Bath Meditation, Exactly?

And where to try it around Australia.

sound bath

Unless you happen to be a yoga fanatic or follow the likes of Kim Kardashian and her CBD-themed baby shower, the term ‘sound bath’ is probably one of those things you’ve heard of before but don’t know *exactly* what it is. If that’s you—don’t worry, you’re not alone!
Being a health and wellness writer (albeit, one who you’re more likely to find doing deadlifts than downward dogs), I had heard the term in passing hundreds of times. But it didn’t occur to me until recently that I wasn’t actually 100% what it involves. I had an image of lying in a large, copper, bath-like vessel while a man in white ropes repetitively bangs on it like a gong. ‘Not exactly my style of relaxation, but each to their own, I guess,’ I thought.
Upon doing some further research, I learned I was right about the gong—but that’s only one small aspect of it *cue cringe-worthy flashback to me probably pretending to know what a sound bath is while talking to a yogi.* Okay, so if not that, then what is a sound bath?

kim kardashian sound bath cbd
Image via @kimkardashian

What is a sound bath?

A sound bath is an ancient Tibetan healing practice that is part meditation and part musical performance. It involves lying in savasana while practitioners use tools like crystal singing bowls, chimes (and yes, a gong) to essentially, bathe you in sound. Like most wellness trends, it’s resurgence started a few years ago in NYC and LA, eventually making its way to Aussie shores. While it may sound strange to the uninitiated, many converts claim it is a deeply relaxing and transformative experience

sound bath
Image via Instagram user @humming_puppy

If you’ve ever listened to a particularly moving song and had shivers down the spine or been reduced into a trance-like, you could see how this immersive experience could have that effect. Plus, for those of us who struggle to switch our brains off during traditional meditation, it could be just the thing to induce those zen vibes.
Want to give it a go? Here’s where you can try a sound bath in your state:


Geelong Holistic Health


The Sound Temple, Perth Hills


Humming Puppy


Canberra Yoga Space


Gong Sound Meditation


Sacred Sound Meditation, Adelaide Hills


The Quiet Cone, Latrobe

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