We're launching (and hiring) in Los Angeles!

Yep, you heard it here first.

America is the home of Beyoncé, Jane Fonda, and Taylor Swift. In other words, everyone we’ve looked to for inspiration and advice in the world. So it’ll come as no surprise that we’ve decided to take up residence there too.
Yep, you heard it here first. Amodrn is launching in LA and in a couple of months we’ll be knee-deep in The Butcher’s Daughter and sweating it up at Soul Cycle. But don’t fret, you could be joining us (and we’re keeping our office back home too).

Bianca Cheah“I can’t believe how far we’ve come since launching Amodrn and I’m so excited to see where this next step will take us. Los Angeles and Sydney are two of the world’s largest health meccas. To have a sneaker-adorned foot in both cities will keep us up to date with the latest trends and constantly ahead of the game,” says founder, Bianca Cheah.

Amodrn began as a wellness destination. A place to empower and inspire a new generation of game-changing women wanting to lead healthy, stylish lives but with little to guide them. Today, this group of confident, health-obsessed females (that’s you) has grown into a Amodrn community that spans the globe.
And now, as we’re growing up – cutting off our bangs and folding away our pedal pushers (they’ll come back around) – we want to continue our mission of providing you with the freshest, most innovative content in the health and wellness scene. And this is why we’re taking up digs in LA, the health capital of the world.

What does this mean for you?

Athleisure Slides
Well for one, we’ll keep you ahead of the game with all the latest news, views and hot tips from the city that created the fashionably fit. In other words, you’ll be wearing athleisure slides and drinking collagen before LA hipsters are stylishly sauntering the streets with glowing skin.
It means you’ll receive even more content, more inspiration and more advice as we grow our office both here and in the States. And you’ll have access to the best fitness and health experts, and most up-to-date beauty and fashion trends from across the globe.
So if you live and breathe health and wellness, are beauty-obsessed or a fitness fiend, you’re probably as excited as we are. But here’s the real kicker…you can join us.

Want to work for Amodrn? Lucky you…We’re Hiring!

Image credit www.grittypretty.com

Amodrn.com, the luxurious online publication devoted to health, fitness and living, is seeking a talented, digital savvy editorial writer. The ideal candidate must be creative-minded, have an eye for detail and a flair for writing.
Primarily, this position is focused on writing original, engaging and inspiring content that is in-line with the Amodrn brand. The candidate must have a passion for health, fitness, lifestyle, fashion and beauty, and be comfortable being involved with every part of the creative process of running a digital publication. This includes generating fresh ideas, liaising with publicists and sourcing images for articles. The ability to work under pressure, whilst still delivering high quality work is essential. The skills to use Photoshop and social media platforms is also required.
Working closely with the Australian Amodrn team, this role offers the opportunity to hone your writing skills and learn invaluable digital and visual publishing experience.

This position is Los Angeles based.

Los Angeles

Key responsibilities:

  • Write and upload original, creative content that will appeal to our advertising clients and ever-growing audience
  • Work closely with our Australian team to ensure the brand’s needs are met and the company works fluidly as a whole
  • Remain ahead of key trends and products in the market to ensure we deliver the most up-to-date, relevant and inspired content
  • Brainstorm and pitch ideas – whether it’s a new healthy hotspot or the latest wellness trend – you must always have your finger on the pulse.
  • Produce high quality work on tight deadlines


  • 2+ years editorial experience
  • A proven ability to create engaging original content online
  • A passion for health, fitness, lifestyle, fashion and beauty
  • An undergraduate degree
  • Proficient understanding of Search Engine Optimisation, WordPress CMS, Photoshop and social media platforms

Could this be you? Please send through your CV and at least two examples of your writing to [email protected]

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