Why wellness social clubs are the next big thing

Practise Vinyasa, then sip a margarita.

When your Friday night dilemmas circle between drinks with the girls or a Netflix and ice cream binge, you know that both will  result in a substantial gain of calories along with a side of regrettable expenses, or worse, the unavoidable hangover. Your weekends need an upgrade, and it’s time for a change.

Meet the wellness social clubs

The city that never sleeps is always bustling with new concepts, and it’s just come up with one to solve your fit-girl woes. Wellness social clubs are creating events centred around a fit body and an active mind. Bars, restaurants and studios are transformed into temporary sanctuaries for people to workout, mix and mingle. In other words, practise Vinyasa, then sip a margarita. Yes, you read that right, now you can have your cake and eat it too. This “pop-up” approach to workouts is gaining traction, thanks to social wellness clubs forming from London to Los Angeles.
Wellvyl, adidas, party, adidas partyNew York based Wellvyl is a company set out to mend the gap between your wellness and social life by partnering with popular venues across the city and collaborating with influential brands and fitness experts. The companies four pillars for creating their events are mind, body, soul and social. Said events are organised throughout the city with different themes that try to encompass the four aforementioned pillars to create an energising experience. Hence, the only decision you have to make is between a boxing class and a meditation workshop.
Founder and CEO of wellness social club Wellvyl, Christopher Krietchman, spoke to Well+Good about the growing desire for people to establish meaningful relationships centred around common interests, with less of an emphasis on the party scene, whilst still considering a “night out on the town”. The result? A sense of community between those who participate and the venues involved.
In the hopes that your next weekend outing will involve less time flicking through Tinder and more time on the mat, we love that the wellness tribe is spreading worldwide and appealing to a generation of health-conscious go-getters, eliminating the stigma that a healthy lifestyle and a buzzing social life aren’t mutually exclusive.

For more information, visit www.wellvyl.com.


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