4 wellness retreats worth adding to your calendar

In need of a mid-year break? Turns out you don't have to travel far to find yourself.

Are you in need of a mid-year break? Your New Year’s resolutions feel like a distant memory and you’re back to the daily grind: overworked, under the weather and in need of some ‘me time’. With winter upon us here in the Southern Hemisphere, now’s the time to reconnect with your mind and body, reassess your goals and set yourself up for a successful end to the year.
To do so, why not switch off at a rejuvenating retreat? And since you don’t have to travel far to find yourself, we’ve put together some of our favourite wellness retreats close to home. Whether you’re looking for a full detox, a touch of pampering or a bit of both, there’s an escape for you.

Wellness retreats to relax, restore and re-energise

Newport Yoga Centre Winter Intensive

newport yoga centre, winter intensive with newport yoga centre, tania elder, yoga retreat sydney, wellness retreat sydney, bungan beachWhere: Tania’s Luxury Homestay, Bungan Beach
When: 8th – 10th July
What to expect: A full body and mind detox designed to aid digestion, improve the immune system and reconnect with the self. Built on the principles of macrobiotic medicinal nutrition and dynamic Ryoho yoga, this winter intensive will focus on the kidney and bladder function (the organs dominant this season), which are known for governing our sense of identity, our hormonal and nervous system, reproductive functions, and sexual energy. Expect macrobiotic medicinal tuition and corrective yoga classes to the backdrop of one of Sydney’s most beautiful beaches; not only will you feel relaxed and rejuvenated but you’ll leave empowered with the skills to implement healthy changes into your life.
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Barre Body Bali Luxe Wellness Retreat

como shambhala estate, ubud wellness retreat, barre body bali luxe retreat, barre body retreatWhere: COMO Shambhala Estate, Bali
When: 12th – 16th August
What to expect: Forget strict rules and routine, this luxury wellness retreat is designed to relax, rejuvenate and reconnect with the self. Hosted by Barre Body founder, Emma Seibold, at the luxurious COMO Shambhala Estate, it has opulence in every aspect. Imagine yoga and barre classes in the heart of the Ubud jungle, submerging yourself in the divine mineral spring pools and nourishing your body with world-class, nutritiously balanced cuisine.
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Wellness Retreat at Halcyon House

halcyon house, cabarita beach accommodation, yoga retreat with kate kendall, flow athletic,Where: Halcyon House, Cabarita Beach, NSW
When: 29th June – 1st July
What to expect: A weekend away at beachside venue, Halcyon House is recuperation enough. Add on daily yoga sessions with expert teacher, Kate Kendall, mindful eating at award-winning Paper Daisy and like-minded company and you’re in for a real taste of R&R. With the sun and sand at your doorstep, this is the perfect mid-year break to unwind and recharge.
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Detox Juice Cleanse Retreatorchard st, juice cleanse, bondi yoga house detox retreat

Where: Bondi Yoga House, Bondi Beach
When: 1st – 3rd July
What to expect: Discover yourself and the culture of Bondi, the health capital of Sydney on this two-day detox retreat. In partnership with Orchard St, the weekend includes a juice cleanse designed to rid yourself of toxins, three yoga classes to nurture the body and two meditation sessions to recenter the mind. You will be treated to a discussion with an accredited naturopath and get to experience the plethora of wellness opportunities that Bondi has to offer with a visit to Bondi Markets, Bondi beach and more. Not into juice cleanses? Sign up for their yoga retreat in June instead.
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