Watermelon Water Is The New Coconut Water. Here's Why You'll Be Drinking It This Summer

watermelon water
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We all know that guzzling heaps of water is amazing for us, doing everything from giving us glowing skin, improving our cognitive function and helping us shed body fat. But let’s face it, sometimes plain water can get a little boring when you’re chugging it all day every day. Sometimes, you just need to mix it up by hydrating with something that actually has a taste.
No, we’re not talking about Rosé (although it may be good for the soul, it normally leaves you feeling more dehyrated!) We’re talking about those drinks that quench our thirst just as well as water, but have a slightly, naturally sweet taste. Coconut water used to be our go-to and for a while there, we briefly dabbled with maple water. But now, there’s a new superfood water on the market and it’s set to be our favourite drink of the summer.

Introducing, Watermelon Water

Considering watermelon is one of the most hydrating foods on the planet (it’s about 92% water), it was only a matter of time before someone made a refreshing beverage out of it. Sure enough, a cold-pressed watermelon and lemon drink called WTRMELON WTR has been rapidly gaining popularity lately. Even Beyonce has invested in the company, explaining that it’s the “future of clean, natural hydration.”
Now, the trend has made its way to Aussie shores with H2Melon Water creating the world’s first 100% pure watermelon beverage. If you recognise the logo, it’s probably because it’s the same company behind H2Coco coconut water. Just as they did with coconut water, they’re harnessing the many health-boosting ingredients of watermelon. The fruit is naturally high in the electrolyte potassium — a mineral that helps nerves and muscles function properly. It’s also rich in the antioxidant Lycopene which helps fight off disease and the amino acid L-Citrulline, thought to reduce muscle pain.

H2Melon Water is completely free from preservatives, added sugar or artificial flavours. It’s also vegan friendly, gluten-free and despite the lack of nasty chemicals, boasts an extremely long shelf life. It’s currently available in Woolworths, Caltex and Coles nationwide, in convenient 500mL size for $3.99 and 1L for $6.99. Now, excuse us while we stock up on 100 of bottles of it for summer!

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