Want To Be More Mindful In 2017? Here's How

Take action to start living with productivity and purpose.

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It’s no secret that life can be totally overwhelming at times. More often than not, we’re in a constant state of trying to stay above water (well, more like get off the couch), rather than actually getting our sh*t together. Of course, we all want to change, but we’re too busy, too distracted and way too tired.

The solution to this conundrum? The Space Between

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Created by our favourite yogi, Kate Kendall, The Space Between, is a 4-week mindful e-course that’s designed to help you re-prioritise and take action to start living with productivity and purpose. Yes, that’s right, you could finally wave goodbye to your procrastination habit, get ahead at work (and leave on time!), or even quit your job and follow your passion. Go ahead, scoff all you want. But, don’t knock it till you try it.

The message in this program came from my own mess of burn out—a place where I played the victim for way too long and blamed everyone and everything but myself for having no control over my energy levels. Living ‘The Space Between’ reminds me to choose dates with mates who give me belly laughs over deadlines that don’t mean much, to be fierce but flexible in my pursuit of goals and that the greatest gift we can give to others is ‘connection’ and presence – Kate Kendall.

The Space Between’s philosophy is really quite simple. The program is grounded in a belief that everyone, no matter age, gender or occupation can achieve a state of complete presence. The key is learning how to effectively deal with our thoughts and feelings, so we can move on and stay motivated, healthy, focused and fulfilled in our lives.

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Here’s how it works

Each week, participants are given three philosophies centred around a weekly theme. These philosophies will be broken into bite-sized chunks of information. Once a fortnight, you’ll also be given a simple moving meditation sequence and an audio meditation. These will be designed to help you switch off and reenergize. Not to mention, there will be four downloadable affirmations to help keep you motived and inspired. Kendall has drawn from her own experiences to put this program together, so rest assured, it won’t be too overwhelming or complicated.
If you’re still not sure whether this program is right for you, remember this: meditation and mindfulness can help build your mental resilience against stress, keep your reactions to stress under control, and even improve your sex life.
The first intake starts this Sunday 15th January 2017, so take a deep breath and register for The Space Between now!

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