This Country Has Put A Ban On Sex Outside Of Your Household Due To COVID-19

Depending on what tier you're in, you could be skipping the hanky panky for a while.

uk sex ban
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The pandemic has wreaked havoc on all aspects of our lives. While we thought not seeing our friends and family, not being able to go to work, and missing concerts were necessary to keep the health of the public alive and well, there’s another part of our life that we may have to skip for a while to keep our community safe. Sex. In the United Kingdom, Health Secretary Matt Hancock has confirmed that the ban implemented earlier this year on having sex with anyone outside of your household will continue after their national lockdown is lifted. Depending on what tier you’re in (the way the U.K. monitors outbreaks), you could be skipping sex for a while. We researched the ban a little more to get the low down. Keep reading for more!

uk sex ban
Image: Ava Sol via Unsplash

The UK’s Sex Ban Broken Down

The Health Secretary of the United Kingdom Matt Hancock has insisted that when the lockdown is over, the ban implemented earlier this year on having sex with anyone outside of your household will continue. If your household is in a Tier 3 area, you can only meet other households in outdoor public space.  And no, it’s not legal to have sex in public spaces. In Tier 1, you can mix with other households. When an English woman asked about her long-distance relationship, the secretary insisted she looks on the website for the exact rules on seeing others during the outbreak. He said he understood what it was like to be in a long-distance relationship at this time.

Last week, Boris Johnson outlined new coronavirus rules that will be implemented on December 2nd of this year. It all basically bans gathering inside with anyone outside of your household. If you live with your partner, this is great news. If not, you might have to stay away from your partner or casual hook-ups until a few weeks or months after lockdown until your zone hits Tier 1.

Image: Womanizer Wow Touch via Unsplash

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