Two Simple Things You Can Do To Avoid A Pilates Plateau

Because the human body is incredibly smart.

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We can go on and on about the benefits of Reformer Pilates. Not only is it an effective full body workout designed to help you tone every inch of your bod (and fast), it also works to strengthen the core, improve posture and test your endurance, just to name a few.
But just like any regular fitness routine, there comes a time when you have to up the ante so that you don’t hit that dreaded plateau. What does that look like in the world of Pilates? Virgin Active Blight Street Reformer Pilates Coach, Sam Harhagelis, shares with us two simple props you can introduce during your next class to get the most out of your time in the studio (and make you feel the burn!). 

1. Hand weights

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“These are great to work your upper body at the same time you work your lower body. It’s the perfect whole-body integration to get your heart rate up, bringing on that sweaty glow.”
Sam’s Tip: Try adding a shoulder press to your squat, tricep presses to your scooter, chest press to your shoulder bridge and arm circles to your lunges. Trust me, I don’t think your arms and legs are ready for this jelly!

2. Booty Band

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“No, it’s not a craze and yep it works just that: booty! Use this bad boy to increase the intensity and resistance of your low body workout while on the reformer. Think leg presses and shoulder bridge with the booty band while lying down on the reformer. You will activate the small stabilizer muscles of the hips and knees, toning the low body at the same time.”
Sam’s Tip: Keep the band on the legs when in your plank and add single leg lifts. It’s now not just a core exercise; you will improve hip stability and work your booty at the same time. 
You can join one of Sam’s Pilates classes at Virgin Active’s newest Collection Health Club on Bligh Street, Sydney. Head here for more information.

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