Turns Out, You've Been Using Your Hair Brush Wrong All This Time

Here's how to change that!

In the beauty world, you’re not considered a true makeup aficionado unless you have a brush collection that would put Van Gough to shame. You need your paintbrush-esque brush for flawless foundation application, about 10 different eyeshadow brushes, your contouring brush for razor-sharp cheekbones…the list goes on.
However, what most people don’t realise is that the same goes for hair brushes. That is, different hair brushes are meant to be used for different things! Sure, they may all help you tame your bed head, but they’re all specifically designed to cater to varying hair types and needs. So, if you’ve been using the same $2 Kmart comb to detangle, brush, blow dry and straighten, it may be time to expand your collection.
Scroll through the gallery to find out which hair brush is right for your styling needs:

For wet hair…

You need… a paddle brush
If you insist on brushing your hair when it’s wet, opt for a paddle brush. They’re great for detangling wet, thick hair and they won’t damage your fragile hair as much as other types of brushes.
Try the Aveda Wooden Paddle Brush.

For knotty hair…

You need… a Tangle Teezer
When you have seriously knotty hair, a quick once-over with a paddle brush just aint gonna cut it. As soon as you’re out in the elements, your hair is going to knot up again (I would know!) You need something small and super portable that will quickly detangle your hair on the go without damaging it — aka. the Tangle Teezer.
Try the Tangle Teezer.

For straightening…

You need…a heat resistant straightening comb
The secret to poker-straight hair is brushing sections of hair immediately before you run the straightener through. However, this can be very tricky to coordinate with a heavy brush! A heat resistant straightening comb is perfect for this as it’s light and its teeth won’t melt as you straighten!
Try the ghd Tail Comb.

For the perfect blow dry…

You need…a ceramic barrel brush
When you’re in need of a DIY salon-worthy blow-dry, you can’t go past a ceramic barrel brush. Not only is it the perfect shape for giving your hair volume, the ceramic barrel heats up during blow-drying — which helps to hold styles in place.
Try the Morrocanoil Ceramic Barrel Brush.

For a speedy blow dry…

You need… a vent brush
Sometimes, you don’t need perfect. Sometimes, you just want to dry your hair quickly and get out the door! Vent brushes are ideal for those occasions, as the vents allow the heat from the hairdryer to pass right through and reach the hair root — which speeds up drying time.
Try the Denman Flexible Vent Brush.

For taming frizz…

You need… a boar bristle brush
Whether they’re a round or paddle shape, boar bristle brushes are the gold standard when it comes to getting smooth, shiny and frizz-free locks. While synthetic bristles are likely to make frizz worse, the anti-static boar bristles smooth our your mane by distributing a small amount of sebum from your roots.
Try the Elegant Anti-Static Boar Paddle Brush.

For serious volume…

You need… a teasing brush
If you believe bigger is better when it comes to hair, add this handy little brush to your collection. It’s great for backcombing the roots for volume and is the perfect size for carrying in your bag for touchups. This one is a great choice because it’s made of boar bristles — and you know how we feel about those!
Try the Sephora Bump Boar Teaser.

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