9 Stunning No-Heat Hair Styles To Give Your Locks A Break

Ready to break up with your hair straightener?

I never thought I’d say this, but I can count a number of times I’ve used a hair straightener in the last 6 months on one hand. For someone who used to blow-dry and straighten my hair every single day, that’s a pretty big deal. I wish I could say that my lack of heat styling has been a conscious decision to repair my dry, damaged hair. However, it’s been down to the fact that no matter how early I get up, I can never seem to find the time (or energy) to style my locks! Plus, it’s been so humid here in Australia that the thought of blowing hot air over my head has been less than enticing.
So instead, I’ve just been washing it the night before and popping it in a ponytail in the morning. Although it probably doesn’t look as polished as poker-straight tresses, there’s no denying that it’s done great things for my hair. Since I cut right down on heat styling, my hair has felt so much thicker and healthier. It also seems to grow a lot faster now, too! Plus, now when I do actually properly style my hair, it feels like more of a special occasion.
I’m not just imagining the nasty effect heating tools were having on my tresses before, either. Most hairstylists agree that the overuse of heat styling is one of the worst things you can do to your hair.

Heating tools burn and damage your hair so much. For example, would you use a flat iron on your eyelashes? The response is always an immediate no. And when asked why, people usually say, ‘Because my eyelashes would burn right off.’ Well, your hair is burning off, too.
-Celebrity hairstylist Chaz Dean via Fox News

It’s a scary image, right? Luckily, you don’t have to cast aside your hairdryer and GHD forever to protect the integrity of your hair. Even just taking a few days a week off will do wonders for your mane. For those days, there are plenty of gorgeous hairstyles that can be done within minutes without using any hair styling tools. So, whether you want to take a break from your hairdryer or are just going on holidays and CBF bringing your straightener, here are 9 of our fave heat-free styles.

 Brigitte Bardot Updo

Learn how to do the Brigitte Bardot updo.

Beach Waves

Image: songofstyle.com

Find out how to do beach waves.

Bohemian Side Braid

Image: thewonderforest.com

Learn how to do the Bohemian side braid.

Celtic Knot

Image: twistmepretty.com

Find out how to do the Celtic knot.

Double buns

Image: thebeautydepartment.com

Learn how to do the double buns.

Pinned Back Waves

Image: onelittlemomma.com

Find out how to do the pinned back waves.

Textured Wrap Pony

Image: thebeautydepartment.com

Learn how to do the textured wrap pony.

Wet Hair Chignon

Image: refinery29.com

Find out how to do the wet hair chignon.

Faux Fishtail Braid

Image: blog.freepeople.com

Learn how to do the faux fishtail braid.

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