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Break the sandwich habit and try our Business Developer Simon Chalmers’ healthy lunch recipe using Cruskits Light, which boast 60% less carbs than most bread varieties. So not only does this rare roast beef topping simplify the cooking process, but it also maximizes nutrition meaning you’ll feel fuller for longer. Win!

We even asked Amodrn expert, nutritionist and founder of The Healthy Ingredient, Bannie Williams for her opinion on the pro’s and cons of this recipe.

Simon’s low carb rare roast beef topping

What you’ll need:

2 Cruskits Light $3.00

2 slices rare roast beef


1 tomato, sliced




Spread mustard over Cruskits. Top with sliced rare roast beef and tomato. Season with salt and pepper.

Simon’s comment:

“Succulent rare roast beef, mustard, fresh tomatos and crisp Cruskits Light are a winning combo in my books.”

Bannie’s opinion:

“Roast beef is packed full of iron and the tomato adds a good dose of vitamin c and antioxidants. Pepper can also have an anti-inflammatory on the body. A great low carb and high protein snack/lunch alternative.”

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