Why Every Woman Needs A Pair Of Period-Proof Undies In Their Life

Ever since THINX came onto my radar (aka my social media feed), I’d been intrigued to give them a go. Firstly, the business is right up my alley; run by women with a clear feminist message that aims to empower women to talk about, and embrace, their period.
Gone are the days that we’re too shy away from discussing our flow! (Hence why I’m writing an article for the world to see about the intricacies of my period. Yay periods!)
And if period empowerment wasn’t enough, THINX are one of the most bo-po (body positive, FYI) brands out there. They don’t photoshop their models, they offer gender-netural styles, and through the THINX Foundation they provide support in developing countries so that no girl has to miss school because of her period. Sold, yet?

Their reusable Period Undies come in six silhouettes, all of which are each designed with a particular flow in mind depending on how heavy you are. Basically, there’s a period-ready pant for everyone!
And if you’re after the nitty gritty of their esteemed resume; THINX are moisture-wicking, anti-microbial, leak-resistant, odour-fighting and they can be worn with or without a tampon. Phew.

Here’s what happened when I test drove a pair of hip-hugger Period Pants…

Firstly, the bit you’ve all been waiting for; a brief synopsis on my own period. Ever since I was a teenager, I’ve been a heavy kinda girl. I’ve had one too many pairs of endlessly comforting granny pants fall foul to unwelcome leaks, so I knew that hip-hugger (holds up to two tampons worth) was the ideal silhouette to stand up to my almighty Aunt Flo.

And now on to the elephant in the room. I’ll admit that when I first clapped eyes on a THINX ad campaign, I immediately thought ‘nappy’. I loathe pads with a hot fiery passion, and I’ve always detested the feeling of sitting in my own menstrual matter when wearing them. (Hey, nothing against the blood, period power and all that. It’s more the inescapably soggy feeling that comes with wearing a pad that always leads me to ponder how sorry I feel for babies. No wonder they have a full-blown meltdown when not changed in a speedy manner.) Needless to say, I was less than thrilled at the prospect of reverting to 15 year old Rosie and wearing a super pad with wings (wings!) every day.
So when my two pairs of THINX arrived, I tried them on and remarked to anyone who would listen (aka no one), how lightweight and comfortable they are. They’re made with layered fabric for optimum absorption and felt like a good, solid pair of knick-knacks, which is all I really ask for in my knicker choices. Granted I was wearing them sans mensturation, so await the arrival of my period was all I could do. I sat back and thought of England.
Like the ticking of a clock, my period rolled around and I could officially dip my toe into my first THINX-y cycle. Because I start off pretty light and get heavier, I trialled the undies tampon free for the first couple of days (washing them after each use of course, I might be a little slapdash with hair washing from time to time but I draw the line at period-soaked underwear, for the record.)
And honestly? They were a dream. I didn’t get the soggy, baby, nappy-butt feeling that I so dreadfully anticipated. They absorbed the blood a charm, and the only fly in the ointment was my unnecessary, paranoid checking of whether I had leaked through to every seat I sat on. Tampon-free certainly takes some getting used to, y’all.

thinx period-proof undies
Image: THINX via Pinterest

On the day that things got a lot heavier (usually day 3, for all of you wondering!) I tried to continue flying tampon-free, but by lunchtime, the constant wondering of whether or not I was leaking everywhere was really putting me off. So, I caved, teamed them with a tampon (organic, ofc) and went about the rest of my daily business. As always happens, the ferocity of my flow erm, overflowed a couple of times throughout my period, but knowing that I had my trusty THINX acting as a barrier between said flow and my light-blue Mom jeans really helped my period-related panic levels.
When Flo-ey tapered off, I went back to flying free without a tampon. And they really did the trick. I could wear the same pair all day and then just wash them at night. And I never once felt soggy!
My conclusion? THINX have become a period staple for me. For the most part, I won’t be using them instead of tampons thanks to my gusty flow, but I will be using them as an additional measure that provides reassurance, peace of mind, and most importantly, comfort.
They’re like your favourite granny pants, on steroids. How’s that for a mental (or should we say, menstrual) image. Ha.
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