This Brand Created Period Undies And They’re Actually Revolutionary

They're more vixen than Virgin Mary.

We all have a pair of period undies. Don’t get squeamish and don’t deny it. And no, I’m not talking about some crime-scene knickers that we keep in the closet to save ourselves from ruining every other pair we own. I mean those cheap, fading, daggy ones with the seriously full bottoms; the high-waisted parachute panties of the lingerie.
Once a month—maybe more if you’re in a long-term relationship—this underwear comes out of hiding. We take a break from our perfectly paired lingerie (right?) and strap ourselves in. But why is it that during our cycle we have to feel so unsexy? Sure, we’re bloated for five days and we eat everything we come into contact with, but just because we’re acting like Bridget Jones doesn’t mean we have to dress like her too, right?
Period knickers by Modibodi
Kristy Chong doesn’t think so which is why she founded Modibodi, the world’s first line of stylish underwear that protects women from what she politely calls “life’s little mishaps.” Yep, she’s designed a range of period panties (read: leaks, discharge and odour) and they’re actually revolutionary—they can hold up to three tampons worth of fluid! But before you go picturing adult diapers, think again. Modibodi developed a super-slim 3mm liner and with the help of Australian lingerie designers and manufacturers, they’ve made their leak-free underwear more vixen than Virgin Mary.
The innovative brand developed and patented their own fibre technology (Modifier Technology™) that works by moving moisture away from the skin—so you stay dry— and into an absorbent middle layer where a waterproof film then prevents anything from leaking onto your clothes. And no, it doesn’t just sit there smelling, the fabric is also antimicrobial to eliminate odour and stain resistant so you can wash them like any other pair.
Period knickers by Modibodi
But it’s not just that time of the month that Chong had in mind. Every product in the Modibodi underwear line was also designed for performance—and to withstand even the most intense sweat session. They’re comfortable (read: made to move while you move), obviously sweat-proof and antimicrobial so they’re safe for your lady bits because it’s actually really important what we wear down there when we’re working out.

“When you exercise in non-breathable underwear, your vagina suffocates. You keep more moisture trapped in that area, which increases your risk for yeast infections and pH imbalance, which can lead to vaginitis [a condition leading to discharge, itching, and pain],” says Dr Nicole E. Williams of the Gynecology Institute of Chicago.

Period knickers by Modibodi
With 20 billion tampons and pads being dumped in landfill each year, every female that switches to using a renewable solution like Modibodi saves on average 12,000 items of disposable hygiene from waste, and that doesn’t include the packaging. Plus, many of Modibodi’s products are made from sustainable fabrics including sports merino and bamboo, which makes them not only comfortable but ecological too.
After launching less than two years ago, the uptake of Modibodi has been astonishing. They’ve sold over 50,000 garments and often have a waitlist for new collections—so keep your knickers on girls! And with the upcoming launch of their seamfree performance underwear in early May, we have a feeling their successful flow won’t be stopping anytime soon.
Grab your ModiBodi’s HERE

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