Is Your Toilet Paper The Cause Of Your UTIs?

Fluffy toilet paper could be the reason...

Urinary Tract Infection
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Suffering from a urinary tract infection is basically a right of passage for a female. I mean, if you’ve got a vagina, you’ve had a UTI … almost, anyway. According to the World Health Organisation, 50% of women report having a UTI at some point in their lives—and that’s just the reported cases.
UTIs are the most common bacterial infection globally. As anyone who has contracted the infection would know, it’s a seriously unpleasant experience. But for such an epidemic issue, there’s still a lot of unknown. And for those who suffer constantly, do you even know what’s the cause?
Apparently, it could be your toilet paper. According to Zoe Levin, founder of Bim Bam Boom, fluffy toilet paper could be the reason for your UTIs, yeast infections and general irritation “down there.” In case you were confused, she goes on to explain: “With every wipe, small pieces of TP are discarded into your glorious flaps, often leading to irritation and possible infections.”
But that’s not all. The vagina is the most absorbent part of the body. Along with linty leave-behinds, genital irritation and allergic reactions can be triggered by trace amounts of dioxins, chemicals and glues. In fact, when it comes to the vagina, a number of chemicals that are otherwise “deemed safe” can elicit reactions in sensitive individuals.
While you might not have considered it, a lot of conventional toilet paper is full of chemicals. Taking to the lab, Levin and her team found that conventional toilet paper contains chlorine bleach dioxide residues, formaldehyde and itchy glues.
“We were flabbergasted by the muffin crumb trail conventional TP leaves behind in our muffs. So we did something about it!” she says. In short, she created a toilet paper that’s safe for your hoo-haa.

urinary tract infection
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Bim Bam Boom toilet paper is the only pH-friendly tissue formula. Unlike regular TP, which is made from wood pulp, Bim Bam Boom uses sustainable bamboo to prevent irritation and allow your pussy to prosper. Not only this, but it’s also velvety-soft, hypoallergenic and antimicrobial by nature.
“This means you can (literally) wipe away your worries about irritation and eliminate harmful clitty litter,” says Levin.
Plus, being made from bamboo, it’s just as absorbent as your typical TP (if not more) and much more sustainable so it’s saving the planet as well as a trip to the doctors.
So, give them—and a man’s true best friend (the pussy, duh)—a hand by picking up a roll or at the very least, watch the video for the LOLs.
Editor’s note: if you do suffer from recurring UTIs, check out for more information on how to prevent them.
Toilet Paper Causes UTIs
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