This Wellness Practice Will Help You Get The Most Out Of Your Yoga Sesh

Why yoga and an infrared sauna make the perfect pairing.

infrared sauna
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You’ve been practising yoga for a while now and love the way it makes you feel—physically, mentally and emotionally: Grounded. Strong. Productive. Clear. Focused. If you’re anything like me, you got into yoga for the physical but stayed for the mental benefits. It quickly became my medicine and saved me from depression.
These are all incredible side effects from the practice. But there’s a trend that’s been sweating sweetly away that you may not have explored yet and that could just be the perfect compliment to your already existing yogic lifestyle. And if you suffer from depression to whatever degree, an infrared sauna could be that medicinal booster you need from time to time.
Whilst traditional saunas heat the air and can quite aggressively heat the body, infrared starts by heating your core body temperature and is considered to be gentler on your system. It’s often referred to being nourished by the rays of the sun.

infrared saunas yoga

In fact, an infrared sauna could just be the big boost your practice needs— to not only to seal in a 60 or 90 minutes vinyasa class but to aid your mental stability and increase your joy factor. Yep. Recent studies are all for the gentler approach to sauna-ing and here’s why:

1. Lowers cortisol levels and increases serotonin:

Which, in a nutshell, makes you a more positive, joyous human.

2. Detoxes and clarifies:

Yep, in comparison to the more traditional sauna, the infrared increases your core body temperature which detoxes you on a cellular level. The heat increases your metabolic activity and it’s this that detoxes your kidneys and liver.

infrared saunas yoga

3. Improves circulation:

Which means more nutrient-rich blood pumping through to your every organ for a fitter, more vibrant you.

4. Promotes faster recovery:

From all those chaturangas and arm balances you’re nailing. Not only is it great for post yoga, having a quick infrared session before you take a yoga class will give you the physical edge of already being warm and limber.

5. Encourages stillness:

If you love the asana practice because it’s another excuse to move (mindfully) but found meditation a challenge, sitting in a sauna for fifteen minutes could be the baby step you need to enjoy the benefits of meditation. You could always take a guided meditation into the sauna with you and kill two birds; detox mentally and physically.
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