Try These 6 Workplace Hacks For A Better Night's Sleep

Use your morning to set yourself up for the best sleep ever.

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With academic research pinpointing frontal cortex processes of concentration, judgement, motivation and mental clarity dependent upon quality sleep, if you are back into the full swing of work and hoping to smash out your career goals in 2019, this article is for you. As noted in peer-reviewed journal Brain, deep sleep enables detoxification of your brain from beta-amyloid, a protein associated with Alzheimers, so realise sleeping well is that it’s actually not about the evening: it’s about you functioning effectively and efficiently throughout the day too. As Amodrn’s sleep specialist, it’s my pleasure to bring you some—lesser known—tips which are going to help set you up for the best sleep ever.

1. Sit near a bright window

Environmental Health Perspectives reports sunlight stimulates the production of serotonin, the hormone to make us feel alert, awake and also—happy. Obviously, all three are key to your success throughout the day, so ensure your office space (or cafe, for fellow entrepreneurs) is well lit.

better sleep
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2. Sub out the sugar in your tea/coffee

Highlighted in the Journal of Psychopharmacology, sugar has a similar effect on the brain to opioids like morphine, which in turn creates anxiety, restlessness and an inability to focus.

3. Instead, use stevia

This compound is like salt or pepper, but it’s sweet. Made from a leaf, it’s a natural product which has no calories, does not spike your energy levels or affects your GI.

better sleep
Photo by Maddi Bazzocco on Unsplash

4. Avoid aspartame

This neurotoxin is linked to headaches, memory loss and degeneration of your brain cells, as reported in scientific journal Folia Neuropathologica. This artificial sweetener can be found in foods such as diet sodas, low-fat yoghurts, chewing gum, protein drinks, nutrition bars and other packaged goods.

5. Try dandelion root tea instead of coffee

Same flavour with no caffeine, get that taste sensation without magnifying your stress levels. It’s available at most health food stores.

6. Add some cinnamon

Nutrition Journal notes it balances out your blood sugar levels, helping you keep your hand out of the cookie jar come 3pm – which reduces that energy crash once it wears off too.
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