This Is The New Jewellery Trend All The Cool Girls Are Obsessed With

The latest jewellery trend is all about mixing and matching.

Our content manager Georgia recently admitted that although everyone assumed she’d always had her ears pierced, she’s actually only had them since last year. I’m in the opposite situation. Although I’ve had pierced ears since I was 13, people tend to assume I don’t as I very rarely wear earrings. Why? Because I have a knack for misplacing (okay, losing) my earrings! My jewellery stand is full of singular earrings that have been separated from their sisters. But if the newest jewellery trend is anything to go by, it may be time for me to wearing my earrings again — without even having to buy more sets!
According to this month’s Elle Australia, mismatched earrings are the chic new way to rock your ear bling. While wearing a singular, statement earring has been a thing for a while, the new trend allows you to have some fun with mixing and matching. The edgy look has been popping up everywhere lately, from the Proenza Schouler runway to on celebs like Emma Watson and Devon Windsor. It’s not hard to see why, either, as mismatched earrings are a cool and easy way to add some extra interest to your look. But when it comes to nailing this new trend without looking too OTT, it’s worth remembering they should be sisters, not twins. That is, go for earrings that are similar, but not identical. Need some inspiration? Scroll through the gallery for 11 of our favourite perfectly imperfect pairs.

Isabel Marant Bone Earrings

Shop the Isabel Marant earrings.

Oliver Bonas Suez Mismatched Earrings

Shop the Oliver Banas earrings.

Jennifer Fisher Stick Circle Earrings

Shop the Jennifer Fisher earrings.

Aamaya by Priyanka Moon and Star Earrings

Shop the Aamaya by Priyanka earrings.

Julie Wolfe Mismatched Earring Set

Shop the Julie Wolfe earrings.

AgJC Asymmetrical Earrings

Shop the AgJC earrings.

QVC Amethyst Mismatched Earrings

Shop the QVC earrings.

Percossi Papi Earrings.

Shop the Percossi Papi earrings.

F + H Jewellery The Nara Y and The Richie Cross Earring

Shop the F+H Nara Y earrings and Richie Cross earrings.

Astronette Earrings

Shop the Astronette earrings. 

Marc Jacobs Palm Tree Earrings

Shop the Marc Jacobs earrings.

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