This Hilariously Tongue-In-Cheek Natural Skincare Brand Is Our New Obsession

In the beauty world, there are plenty of skincare brands that take themselves very seriously. “We’re not just about the aesthetics,” they’ll insist. “Our products are based on rigorous scientific testing carried out at our on-site laboratory!” And, of course, that’s great! We all want to know that the products we’re using are actually working.
But every now and again, we need a gentle reminder that beauty is meant to be fun — it’s not meant to be that serious! And today, that reminder is LA natural beauty brand, Anese. Upon browsing (read: obsessing over) their website, it was immediately obvious: this isn’t a brand that takes themselves too seriously.
Case in point — delightfully tongue-in-cheek product names like the ‘F*ck Bad Vibes’ Hydrating Body & Hair Elixir, which keeps bad vibe-inducing dryness at bay with its moisturising properties. Or, the ‘Will You Accept This Rose’ Rose Soothing Hair and Body Elixir, which is particularly relevant given it’s The Bachelor/Bachelorette season.

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If the quirky names remind you of the one-liners you text your friends, there’s a reason. Founder Lynnsee van Gordon told NYLON that messages between her girlfriends were the inspiration for Anese’s clever branding. “We’re constantly sending one-line comedic responses in support of something embarrassing or an achievement the other had, so our messaging came very natural because it’s an honest window into us as a brand,” she says.
Don’t let the humorous packaging, fool you, though — Anese’s products are seriously effective. In fact, their tagline is even ‘serious skin care for not so serious babes.’ Their entire range of skin care and bathing products are formulated with gentle ingredients that really work. They’re also vegan, cruelty free and manufactured locally in LA. Oh, but don’t worry — they ship internationally.
Scroll through the gallery for some of our fave products in the range.

The ‘Pretty Sure I’m Gorgeous’ Ultra Hydrating Charcoal Creme Mask

Shop the mask.

The ‘Hold My Drink’ Coconut Oil Scrub

Shop the scrub.

The ‘Slay’ Serum

Shop the serum.

The ‘Can I Speak To Your Manager?’ Toner

Shop the toner.

The ‘So Over It’ Papaya Hibiscus Exfoliating Mask

Shop the mask.

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