Eggs Provide 82% Of Your Daily Vitamin D Needs, New Research Finds

Another tick for your fave breakfast staple.

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Despite our love for the outdoors and obsession with the beach, vitamin D is a common deficiency.
As a result, people often turn to supplementation in order to meet their daily requirements, but as new research from Australian Eggs finds, an average serve of eggs (2 x 60g) provides a substantial proportion of the recommended dietary vitamin D intake—proving that eggs are on one of the highest natural sources of vitamin D.
“In Australia, it’s actually very hard to get more than about 5 or 10 per cent of our D requirement from most food, because we don’t fortify by adding vitamin D to many things,” explains Sydney-based GP, Dr Ginni Mansberg.

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“Along with the recommendations to avoid too much sunlight exposure, these factors together contribute to the high incidence of vitamin D deficiency in this country. Knowing an average serving of eggs provides 82% of the RDI for vitamin D could be a massive game-changer for those living with a vitamin D deficiency.”
Vitamin D is essential for the body as it helps absorb calcium effectively, important for bone health and muscle function. Sever deficiencies could have major health ramifications—linked to serious conditions such as osteoporosis, diabetes and multiple sclerosis.
“Eggs might be able to help keep vitamin D levels high to lower the risk of disease, maintain strong bones and teeth, as well as lowering the risk of cardiovascular disease,” said Dr Mansberg. “Eggs are highly nutritious food and should be included daily as part of a healthy and balanced diet.”
eggs vitamin d
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Especially important as we head into the cooler months, The Australian Health Survey reveals that deficiency rates almost triple in winter and with the high cost of supplements and speculation around supplements and their health benefits, experts advise sticking to natural food sources where possible.
Other food sources of vitamin D include oily fish such as salmon, herring, sardines and cod, beef liver, mushrooms and some fortified dairy products.
For creative recipe ideas containing eggs, check out these Mediterranean-inspired, keto-friendly egg zoodles, 5-ingredient egg muffins, and omelette with chilli, lime & coriander.

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